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Bad Mommy Alert:: The Tooth Fairy Forgot 2 Days in a Row! #MM

This morning I really felt bad for my daughter. I felt like a bad mommy.

20131021_072250[1]My daughter lost what seems like her 23rd tooth this past Friday in School! It’s more like the 7th, but still it’s alot. She came home super happy waving her tooth case at me, “Mommy, Mommy! Look another tooth came out today!” I smiled but inside I was like, “Ooooh another one! I don’t have any cash!”

Friday night she forgot to put it under her pillow so Saturday when she woke up, she didn’t have anything. She took the blame herself because she forgot! Whewww I dodged a bullet there because I forgot too. The funny thing is later that day, her brother told her that the tooth fairy is not real. He told her that Mommy & Daddy are the tooth fairy. She believed him and started saying it too!


Saturday night, she puts the tooth under her pillow. Sunday morning, the tooth is still there and no gifts! She runs into my room and whines, “Mommy, the tooth fairy didn’t come! My tooth is still there!” I immediately felt bad! I can’t believe I forgot to put something under her pillow (and so did Daddy!). I had to think quick on my feet, so I said, “Well you told me yesterday you don’t believe in the tooth fairy anymore! The minute you stop believing – the minutes she stops coming!” Her mouth just dropped! She then started yelling, “I believe! I believe!”

Sunday night, she leaves it under her pillow again. This time believing. Monday morning, I wake her up for school and she looks so sad and moving slow. I asked what’s wrong, “Mommy, the tooth fairy took my tooth but didn’t leave me anything!” MY HEART DROPPED! I forgot again! I looked in her bed and the tooth was still there, so I showed her I found it. I told her, “I was going to have a talk with that tooth fairy today!! And if she doesn’t come, you will still at least get a packet of Oatmeal under there.” She started to laugh. She loves Oatmeal. That made her feel better. So tonight, I have to do something!! I just have too.

20131021_072313[1]I really felt bad this morning. To see the look of disappointment on her face really broke my heart. Two days in a row!! Bad Mommy!! I really need put something special under that pillow tonight!

Any suggestions?