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[Video] Top 5 Gifts Moms DO NO WANT for Mother’s Day?

I was so lucky a few weeks ago! I got to meet up with my blogging boo’s (The Fabulous Five) at Ted’s Montana Grill for a pre-mother’s day discussion and mom’s night out. Ted’s is honestly one of my favorite restaurants and I always get the same thing, the bison burger, but tonight we were able to taste anything from the menu!

I tried crab cakes, the bison nachos, trout dip and I still had a bison burger! I love Ted’s because the Bison comes straight from Ted Turners farm. The meat looks like beef, but is so much lighter. You get full but don’t feel heavy. Every month we do the Top 5, so on this evening we talked about all things Mother’s Day and what it means to us.

Mother Day is No Surprise

Women love mother’s day for two reasons: 1) You are a mother and it’s fun to be celebrated for giving life and raising your little ones. 2) You have a mother, and what a blessing it is to celebrate her.

Mother’s Day is no surprise, because it’s the same time every year. There are special sales, TV specials, restaurant deals and even church programs centered around the “Mother!” So it should be no surprise that we don’t want to say to our spouse or children, that we really desire a nice gift. A gift doesn’t always mean material things, because it can very well be from the heart. We just don’t desire a gift that is given for the sheer satisfaction of saying, “Well, I got you a gift!” We can tell when you put your heart into it.

Moms Day

Top 5 Things Moms Do NOT Want for Mother’s Day

After speaking with quite a few mothers, they shared with me what’s different this year. And what’s different are the gifts they want or shall I say WHAT THEY DO NOT WANT this Mother’s Day. We are tired of the basics!

1. Money with the statement, “Get something for yourself!” April G. said, “I do want something well thought out that will help me with my life goals right now. So something health related or maybe a feel good gift like a spa day.” Getting a wad of cash in our hand is sometimes a cause for a mad dash out of the house to our favorite store BUT on Mother’s Day it says, “EASY GIFT!”

There is no thought behind it. You give us the money and we’re basically buying our own gift. So, save the cash for an out of the blue Tuesday and on Mother’s Day, surprise us with something meaningful.

2. Nothing from the spouse:  I have spoken to a few gentlemen that do not get their wives (or mother of their children) mother’s day gifts because well, “She is not my mother!” And while they are 100% correct, she is the mother of your children and spends 365 keeping them alive, healthy and cared for. That alone deserves a token of love.

And whether you ever see her expression, if you never acknowledge that – it does sting a little bit!

3. School Projects: Jen B. says, “I don’t want another refrigerator magnet with a thumb print animal thingy that he made in school.” Ariel W. says, “Anything with dry macaroni glued to it. I loooove when my son makes take home gifts at school, but the noodles *always* fall off and are hard to store before they do.”

Although we can’t tell our children we really don’t always like their “school project” gifts, how long to do you keep them displayed around the house? LOL!!

4. Out to eat: Alisha L. says, I don’t want to go out anywhere to eat. It’s always so busy and just seems like it’s never s good time for anyone. In college, I worked as a server and Mother’s Day was deemed as the busiest day of the year. And now that I am a mother and have often went out to eat, it’s still the same way. The lines are long, the service is blaaahh and you are still caring for the children at the restaurant, “Sit still!” “Sit down!” “Let me cut that meat for you!” “Stop drinking that!”

Dad is over there chilling, eating and just pays the bill! But hey, he took you out! Last year, I told my husband I didn’t want to go out either. I love his grilled chicken and I’d rather spend my afternoon eating the great food he cooks, while the children enjoy their own setting and I am relaxing. One year we did a couples potluck! Fun times! Wait…. that was for Father’s Day… Hmph!

5. FLOWERS!! Too many women shared this same sentiment over and over again. Apparently, Moms are over flowers. I personally felt this way for years on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are so expected.

I say if you do get flowers, go all out. Get a grand bouquet. Something over the top, so she can’t help but be surprised and wowed! But a 4-5 flower bouquet from the grocery store with a itty bitty card, “Happy Mother’s Day Wife!” will get all types of side-eyes!

Moms, is there anything you would like to add to this list?

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