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3 Super Quick Tips on How to Prepare for Spring Break Travel [$50 GC Giveaway]

This post is sponsored by Oshkosh B’Gosh; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I think I am more excited about Spring Break this year than my children. We’re all going to Florida but my children will be spending their break with their grandparents in Tampa. Florida weather is always something we look forward to, but you still have to plan accordingly.

We have three children but for some reason, my daughter’s wardrobe needs the most attention. I’m not sure if it’s because girls have more trendy clothes or my daughter is growing like a weed.

Either way, I shopped at Oshkosh for some adorable Spring Break attire. Florida weather is HOT, so my sweet girl needs to be prepared. #BreakforSpring


3 Super Quick Tips on How to Prepare for Spring Break Travel:

1. Know everything about your destination: We’re going to Florida, so we researched the weather & the specific events in the city we’ll be in. That will help us pack what we need; swimsuits, sandals, head bands, and spring dresses.


2. Always have more than enough: Children like to play, which means they will get dirty (girls & boys). I like to pack a few extras for my kids; socks, undies, and outfits!


3. Plan a few activities in advance: We all love to relax on our vacation, but planing out a few fun actives in the city you’re visiting will give you even more to look forward too. New activities mean new memories for the family.


Although Spring Break is a few weeks away, my daughter wanted to wear all of her new clothes right now! I couldn’t blame her, because I was secretly wishing they had that blue jean jumper in my size.

Spring Break is a preview of summertime fun, and kids get one last opportunity to go wild before the last round of spelling test, homework and projects. We like to make it fun for the entire family.

It makes me happy that OshKosh has every size for all three of my children. I literally can get something stylish for everyone. What I love now is that my children actually pick out their own clothes at OshKosh. They know what they like!

Visit the OskKosh website to get a 25% off your $30 purchase. The online code is “Spring16“. Find your nearest store HERE.

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3 Things My Children Must Know Before School Starts #backtobgosh


“I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central forOshKosh B’Gosh. I received an OshKoshB’Gosh gift card to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”


If you are a parent of school age children, then August or September (depending on where you live) is dedicated to “Back to School”. No matter what you do for the summer; vacation, camps, relaxation, etc., you have to prepare your children to return to school.

I have 3 active children, so back to school shopping is always a treat! (I’m staying positive!) My two oldest are in elementary and the youngest is in daycare. They all wear uniforms which makes it easy on me during the week, so the weekends are where we like to get stylish with their outfits.

I love OshKosh B’gosh simply because they have sizes that cover my 2 year old to my 10 year old. I feel I can go in their store and get something for each child but still allow them to show case their individuality.


On my recent shopping trip, my two oldest wanted to shop with me. As we entered the store, I told my daughter to go look at what she likes. I wanted to give my oldest son some one-on-one time. He was immediately drawn to a look on a mannequin and tried to get the same outfit.


His exact words where, “Mom! I want to look cool and this is a cool look!” We were able to find him some slim fitting sweats – which happen to be a trend for young adults. It’s a step up from his gym uniform sweats indeed! These sweats can be worn with a plaid button shirt or hip t-shirt.


When it was my daughters turn, I asked her “What do you like?” Her response was, “Everything Mom! I want everything I see!”

After expressing my sorrows for not being able to fit everything in my car, we narrowed down a few must haves she wants. She wanted a long flowing dress, new shoes, and one outfit! Because everything was 40% off, plus I had a 20% coupon, I was able to what she wanted, plus a pair of skinny dark jeans, two cute t-shirts, and a flowered blouse.


Although my youngest son wasn’t there, what type of mommy would I be if I didn’t get him something? They had a great $5 t-shirt collection and thought this would be perfect for him!

osh kosh

OshKosh B’Gosh also has the most adorable shoes for little boys. You could pair them in quite a few ways.

3 Things My Children Must Know …

A few days ago, we actually had sneak-a-peak with my children’s new teachers. While it’s good to meet their new teachers and read about their room rules including what they expect, we also as parents have to lay out our expectations for the upcoming school year.

1. Think Positive: You can do anything you put your mind too. Go into the school year believing that you will get good grades and do great things this school year. In addition to thinking positive, allow your attitude and actions to do the same thing.

2. Set Goals: Early in the school year, decide how you want your school year to be. What do you want to learn or have accomplished by the end of the school year? As parents, we can help you get there.

3. Don’t Give Up: There are many times where what you want is only ONE more try away. Continue to work hard towards your goals and if you need time to regroup, rework or try something different – do that. Just don’t give up!


Osh Kosh_BernettaStyle

Each school year brings it’s own set of challenges: new teachers, new classmates, school projects, school activities and more. The last things as parents we want to worry about are outfits.

OshKosh B’Gosh’s selection of clothes offers something for all of my children, which makes them happy because they picked their own outfits. So on the weekend, they are knocking my door down asking me, “Mommy! Can I wear this today?”

oshkoshOshKosh B’Gosh Gives Back

I love companies that give back because they genuinely care. OshKosh B’Gosh desires that all children have what they need this school year and have a partnership with K.I.D.S./ Fashion Delivers, Inc., and which allows customers to donate cash or a new pair of jeans. All denim donated from July 28 through September 16, 2015, will be delivered to local children in need through K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers. For more information visit: 

OshKosh B'Gosh_BernettaStyle

And because I like to give back! I am sharing a 25% off coupon with you all! Enjoy! Find your local OshKosh store HERE.


How is the back to school shopping experience for you? Do you shop at OshKosh B’Gosh? What do you like about their clothes?

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I Challenged Myself: 3 Easter Outfits Under $100 at OshKosh #ImagineSpring

Imagine Spring_#imaginespring

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

It’s very rare that you find a store that can dress all of your children when they are different sexes and their ages vary in years. Usually, I find myself going to three different stores depending on what I am looking for.

Osh_KoshFor this upcoming Easter, I was overjoyed to shop at OshKosh B’gosh because their new Imagine Spring line with sizes that go from 0-12 and the styles simply rock.

Over the past few years, our church as made our Easter celebration a less fluffy and a more casual cute affair.  It’s more of a come as you are Easter Sunday. I challenged myself to get my three children one outfit for Easter from OshKosh for $100 or less! So you could already see the huge smile on my face when I walked in the store and saw the 50% sale!


Cha-ching! Savings and style….. Let’s shop!

Osh KoshThe first thing my husband noticed when I brought these clothes home was the quality! He loved my daughter’s Navy blue and white dress, and that it was 50% off too ($24). I had a few outfits in my buggy for her that ranged from sporty, casual to dressy before I forgot I had two other children to shop for!

Osh KoshMy youngest son recently turned two and he’s also ready for Spring! He likes to run and at this age, they don’t really know what sitting still means, so he needed an outfit that allowed him to be free. I love his navy blue shorts with the collared yellow shirt that buttons underneath. I also bought his cute sandals at OshKosh, that could go with a variety of Spring time outfits. Again, this outfit was also 50% off!

Osh KoshMy oldest son looks like he going to a picnic! I love the pink shirt (50% off, $15) with the blue and white squared shorts. He told me, “Mom, this doesn’t match!” I knew then, I have a lot of styling tips to teach him as he matures.

Osh Kosh KidsSpring is here, and although I shopped at OshKosh for Easter – I know that I will be back because:

  • The quality of clothes make me wish they carried my size!
  • The variety of styles for my children range from casual to dressy.
  • Child appropriate styles, which means kids looks like kids. Just stylish!

Do you have an OshKosh B’gosh near you? Check out the OshKosh Locater and print out the coupon below (25% off of $30 online or in-store) and be like me, Save in Style!


Follow OshKosh on Social Media Facebook and Twitter and follow the campaign Hashtag: #ImagineSpring to see what other mom’s are saying, saving & styling!

Did I meet my $100 Challenge? Actually, I used a coupon too and my total came to $105. 

Do you shop at OshKosh?