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21 Real Women Reveal Why Mothers Must DREAM Big!


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I believe I’ve always been a dreamer. However, as I became a mother and my circle grew wider – I’ve meet mothers on both ends the spectrum. Some women are content with marriage and raising their kids (which is TOTALLY fine!) & some women want a husband, children and to run the world!

I fall somewhere in between. I had goals before I had children and while some were honestly put on hold or altered – I’ve never stop dreaming or goal setting.

When my children see me making my dreams come true, they’re not only supporting me but they now know it’s possible for them.

One day, I decided to ask this question on my personal FB & IG page, “Why should moms dream big?” The response was wonderful! Women shared their reasons why we as mothers must continue to follow our dreams. Enjoy.

21 Women Share Why MOMS Must Follow Their Dreams!

1.”To shift the paradigm for our children. They can’t be what they can’t see.
Also, because your purpose provides beyond what we can ask or think. Our children, and WE, deserve the lifestyle (peace AND prosperity) that walking in purpose provides.” Yah’Zahra

2.”It’s important because we set the precedent for our kids. Our kids look to us to fathom what the possibilities of life are.” Rochelle

3.”To encourage their children. Especially if what they wanted to do seemed impossible and they were successful at reaching it.” Winnie

4.”I don’t believe in being a hypocritical parent. Kids learned by action, not words. If I tell my girls they can be anything and everything and I don’t try then what am I really telling them?” Aaronica

5.”You should never forget who you are, where you are going, and who God created you to be in a very purposeful and intentional way for the benefit of not only yourself and your children. One of my favorite quotes is to teach your children to dream with their eyes wide open. I believe that the only way they can achieve that goal is by leading example and seeing you as the mother. Also, I give homage to Langston Hughes to a dream deferred is one of my favorite poems. I often ask myself is that what I want to shrivel up like a raisin or rise to my divine assignment and achieve Gods plan!” Toiia

6.”Kids follow our actions more than our verbal direction. If we pursue our dreams we find happiness because we are living authentically. I’m sure that’s what we all want for our kids so once they see us having enough courage to do that, they tap into their own courage.” Martine

7.”I feel like I’m a better mom and woman, in general, when I stay in pursuit of my dreams. Not only does it give my girls a roadmap on how to do the same, it gives me something to hold onto once they’re grown. My kids are my everything, but not my only thing.” Amber

8.”Ummmm so they don’t go batshit crazy” Danielle

9.”Be a good example for their children, if they see mom reaching for her dreams they won’t be afraid to do the same later in life. Do it for yourself because after the kids grow up and on their own you still have to live your life, it shouldn’t be be filled with I wish coulda-woulda even then it’s not too late! Still pursue your dreams!” Roodlyne

10.”Because their lives and the lives of their children will be better when they are doing what they enjoy. Assuming it is done responsibly.” Breakfast_with_tiffani

11.”Because I am filled with so much purpose and I am the light for my children.” TheMommyGlowUp

12.”Because there is purpose outside of kids.” Nakishawynn

13.”Because we are worth it and we are individuals before we are moms.” Keshay

14.”It is not only our responsibility, but we were created on purpose for purpose. We are to be a primary example to the little lives trusted in our care…so that they too will know their identity.” Britishaaliyah 

15.”Kids just make you want the dream even more!” Richelle.mphotos

16.”Because we have them! How can we teach our children to follow theirs if we don’t follow ours.” Itsreallykita 

17.”Because our babies are watching, and will do as we do not as we say. Tho they’re our dreams they help our lil ones craft & follow their own. Win win”  Therealbossmom

18.”Because why not?? It shows my kids that I can do hard things too.” Talex

19.”I think it is very important for moms (and of course dad’s) to follow their dreams; however, I believe there should be an understanding of the entire process. I’m going to try my best to explain…. so following your dreams helps your children understand the concept of setting goals, working towards them, reaching them, and building more goals. It highlights drive and determination. The only challenge and there is allows challenge (with every success, there has been failure) is teaching that balance…that though you have dreams sometimes you have to adjust your dreams for the better good. You may have to work while you pursue your acting career, you may have to open a smaller business than you expected until something comes through. It is not that you give up on your dreams but that you adjust to the circumstances. Adjusting to your circumstances can make a positive impact and teach your children other skills, too. One that makes them a well-rounded person. We also have to look at the reality of it all. Not everyone reaches their dream… we probably couldn’t imagine the number of inspiring actors, artists, business owner, motivational speaker, etc that we walk pass every day without knowing. This notion should not withhold you from striving and believing in your dreams. Your dreams help you LIVE, make you Happy and we ALL deserve that. There is never a short answer to th is question.” Angela

20.”Because they can love and give more if they have also taken care of themselves.”   Julietjoie

21. “So you won’t hurt the babies!!! Lol😂😂😂but I’m serious. Moms need to keep something for themselves. You have to live your purpose!!! christoffdavisart


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As a mom (or not) why do you think it’s important for you to dream big or follow your dreams? Are you dreaming? Do you still have personal goals?

Do me a favor, please share this post because another MOM just might need to see this!