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Interview: Tara Middleton and Why She Walks by Faith Daily

Have you ever met someone that showed you how important gratitude is, even for the smallest things?

That is how I felt when I met & interviewed Tara Middleton last week.

After collapsing at work in 2012 Tara was diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumor, given only a few months to live. Four years later she has turned the negative into a positive, dedicating her life to helping other women discover their purpose and maximize their potential.

After her diagnosis she left her corporate job and founded Rare Rubies, a foundation that inspires women to “leave no treasure undiscovered” through life coaching, counseling and motivation speaking. Her story has been featured on “The Real Talk Show” as well as recognition at the ‘Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event.’

Last week when I interviewed Tara, it became more of a friendly conversation.

BStyle: How is your health now?

Tara: I’m still fighting. I believe I am already healed. I’ve decided to focus on my purpose.

BStyle: I saw that you were surprised by the show The Real and met Tamar Braxton? How was that experience?

Tara: I was really surprised and didn’t know that I was going to be on the show, let alone meet Tamar Braxton. After I was diagnosed, I wanted to laugh and I started watching The Braxtons along with Tamar and Vince. Tamar’s personality made me laugh so much which just made me feel better in the moment.

Of course they told me that I was going on the show for something else! When they called me to come on the stage, I was very nervous, but so was Tamar.

BStyle: Tamar gave you something that was dear to her heart as a token of love. Do you still have that gift? (Video below)

Tara: Although people actually contacted me to sell them that bag, I would never give that bag away.

BStyle: What exactly is Rare Rubies?

Tara: I want to bless people through my trial. I have strong faith. I have to have it to still be here. From the day I was diagnosed, I focused on my purpose. I help women discover how they too can be victorious and answer the question, “What do you want out of life.” In college, I co-led an organization called Sister to Sister. At the time of my diagnosis, although I quit my job, I was still working in 8 different ministries at my church. So I’ve been helping young women for years.  

Bstyle: Tell me about some of the things rare rubies has done.

Tara: We stay busy with our community service projects & workshops. We teach women how to properly interview, help with financial planning, and help some women get into shelters.

We plan on going into more schools in the near future. We have plans to set up chapters in South Africa, Bahamas, & Johannesburg.

We currently have 12 chapters in the US and hosting a Conference in October (Charleston, SC).

BStyle: I read you have a new book coming out. Tell me about your new book?

Tara: I can’t share the title yet – but it’s a memoir dealing with the trials of life, dealing with brain cancer, and losing my mom to lung cancer. We are still working on the release date.

BStyle: I see that you are a life coach, how long have you been a life coach? What do you like best about it?

Tara: I’ve been a life coach for 10 years and I also do Business Consulting, and Financial Planning. I like being able to help guide people to achieve their goals while being the best version of themselves.

I love that Tara is following her passion and believes she is walking in her purpose. Although, she has an terminal disease you would never know it by her conversation or her faith. She walks by faiths, and speaks life not death.

Tara even prayed over me and my situation. I’m grateful to have met her and I wish her more success with Rare Rubies and the lives she will touch along the way!