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Motherhood Monday

My Baby Isn’t Walking At 13 Months : Motherhood Monday

My typical conversation when people see Emory lately …

Them: He’s so cute, is your son walking?

Me: No.

Them: Oh. (Then I get a gentle smile, as they try to comfort me.) It’s ok, he will walk soon.


My son is now 13 months and isn’t fully walking yet. I was actually ok with it. My daughter walked at 11 months and my oldest son walked at 13 months, so if Emory did the same I was fine. What is not fine is the disappointing looks people give you when they find out your son is 1 or shall I say 12 months and not walking. My baby isn’t walking. Continue Reading

Motherhood Monday

Motherhood Monday:: Is It 9 Months Already?


I am still in awe that my baby is 9 months today!! 9 whole months! And in 3 months he will be a year. It reminds me that times doesn’t stop for any of us. Today he turned 9 month and also had his 9 month check up!! He didn’t gain any weight in 3 months though!?!

What is he doing new?

  • New Teeth – his first two teeth came in a few weeks ago and we just noticed this morning a new top tooth is coming in! He has his first taste of Mac & Cheese this weekend, he kept motioning for more.
  • Scooting & Crawling – when he is trying to get somewhere he takes his all and pushes his feet and pulls himself. We call it scooting! Just recently he finally got up on all 4’s and started to actually crawl.
  • Dadadada! – He is with his dad most of the day so he just loves to have conversations with him. I will literally watch these two talk to each other. Baby E pauses and let’s my husband talk and then he will pick right back up, “Daddad!! Huaoweuore! ahkdaflfh!!” I’m not sure if he knows he’s actually saying daddy, but it sure sounds like it! “Dadadadadada!”
  • Eating – I stopped breastfeeding when he was  6 months so he is currently on formula and stage 2 baby food. His doctor told us today we can start letting him feed himself! What! I am not ready for that! He only has 2 teeth! My husband thinks he can do it. *Sideeye action over here!*
  • Grabbing EVERYTHING! Self explanatory! If he sees it and can make it over to it, he is going to grab it. Thankful, he doesn’t try to put everything in his mouth.


This is a picture from Sunday before church. We were going to visit my mom’s church and it was such a beautiful day outside. I couldn’t resist and quick snapshot of my three loves.

I know when I first started Motherhood Monday, I was pregnant and wrote about my journey with this UNEXPECTED PREGNANCY!! It has become so much more. I enjoy writing these pieces and sharing what’s new in my Motherhood Journey. Also, 9 months later I am so in love with my Baby Boy Surprise!!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Motherhood Monday

Motherhood Monday :: Is My Baby Stressing Me Out? (Stress Rating Scale)

Last week at my current j.o.b we took a staff development class on Stress Management. It was a one hour class on Stress: The Good, The Bad and How to manage it all (I came up with that name!). I honestly went for the staff development points, but the speaker was so engaging and informative I found myself paying attention, taking notes and I FOUND OUT I WAS STRESSED OUT!

She handed out the following (below) stress rating scale and asked us to complete it and add up our points! I started reading and checking things off. I added up everything and my score was ###, well that’s private. Just show it was HIGH AS #@%^!!!!!!! I started looking back at this list to see what happened to me over the last 12 months. I had lost my grandfather and whalaaaa – I HAD A BABY!stress rating scale imageAlthough getting pregnant and having a wonderful bundle of joy is a blessing – I learned from the speaker that Pregnancy itself is STRESSFUL. In addition to all that comes with being pregnant, a new baby in the house brings new challenges and CHANGES! Changes to your body, habits, lifestyle and finances. So yep, stressed and didn’t even know it.

What is Stress?

  • Stress develops when external demands or pressures tax strain the internal resources.
  • Stress is your mind and body’s response of reaction to a real or imagined threat, event or change.
  • The threat, event or change are commonly called stressors. Stressors can be internal (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes or external (loss, tragedy change.)

What is Good Stress? Eustress or positive Stress occurs when your level of stress is high enough to motivate you to move into action to get things accomplished.

What is Bad Stress? Distress or negative stress occurs when your level of stress is either too high or too low and your body and/or mind begin to respond negatively to the stressors.

emory hat

When I look at my family’s newest addition, I can’t help but smile and kiss those cheeks! I can’t walk past him without “gettin’ some suga!” And although we all love him and feel our family is now complete, I can’t help but notice the current changes in me personally.

  • Lack of Sleep – He just started fully sleeping through the night but as a mom I still don’t. I still check on him throughout the night and most likely will until he is 1. The lack of sleep in addition to all the other mom/life/wife needs take a toll on your mental state eventually.
  • Change in recreational activities – My time is now even more limited. When I get off my 8-to-5, I have a few hours to get in “Mommy Time” with my oldest two kids. Which is homework supervision, feeding them, playing with them and whatever they need before they go to bed. Once they go to bed – Baby E is still up!! His schedule varies, which means so does my workout, personal business, cleaning house schedule varies as well.
  • Change in eating habits – I am eating healthy, but also eating to maintain/lose weight! I had to eat a certain way when I was pregnant & breastfeeding (which is actually the best way to eat!). Now that I am no longer BF’ing, I am just as picky because I don’t have that extra UMPH! that comes with breastfeeding to help me burn those calories off!

I know in time, this will become the New Normal to me and what might be stress now will surely level of. I will get into my familiar groove just as I did with my other two babies. I would love to take this test again in 9-12 months to see where I am – stresswise. And although this form tells me I am stressed – I am also HAPPY & IN LOVE WITH MY BABY! I also learned there are many ways to protect myself from stress. I can name just a few here (there were so many more!):

  • Stop setting unrealistic goals.
  • Give up perfectionism.
  • Learn time management skills.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Find a mentor or friend.
  • Spend more time with positive people
  • Organize / De-Clutter / Clean

The Good News is life doesn’t have to be stressful. Managing and reducing stress will bring important health benefits. Take the test and see where your stress level is. And if it’s too high, take the time and necessary steps to reduce it.

Are you stressed? How did you know? Are you trying to change the factors/issues that are currently stressing you out?

Living Smart, Simple & Stylish

Motherhood Monday

Motherhood Monday:: He did it! He slept through the night!


Finally! Finally! Finally! My baby has slept through the night!

The last two nights Baby E has slept from 11pm to at least 6am. I am amazed. He is growing up. Awwwwwwww! Of course I didn’t sleep because my body is so used to getting up. I kept waking up – waiting on him to wake up. Of course, I would make sure he was breathing and I would lay back down. I will say over the weekend we started giving him a little baby food so I wonder if this has something to do with it. I wonder?


I do not remember who gave me this jumper at the baby shower but it’s so cute. This Saturday evening was the first time we tried it out and he was so cute in it. He moved around in it for about 10 minutes before he started to whine. I think it will work better when his back is stronger and he’s actually sitting up. Right now he can’t fully sit up yet so while he was inside the jumper, he leaned forward the entire time.

That’s his big sis just loving on him! She loves herself some Baby E! I just love that. She is always kissing on him and checking on him. She plays him songs, dances for him, and even checks his diaper when he cries. This girl!!


But let’s get back to him sleeping through the night! He woke up with a smile on his face and that made me smile. I haven’t slept a FULL night since before he was born, 5 months ago!! I pray him sleeping through the night continues and I will continue to do my mommy mid-night checks. His bed is actually right next to me so that’s even better. I don’t believe my other two slept so early, but I am not complaining.

What about you? How early did yours sleep through the night?