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Why it Matters What You Have On Underneath? Mom & Dad Hanes Giveaway

Earlier this year, I was invited to Disney World for a social media mom’s conference. During the session, we were introduced to Hanes as a major sponsor.

Read My 7 Favorite Part of the Disney Social Media Moms

Now Hanes was not new to us. We all remember the famous campaigns Michael Jordan has done with them over the years.

I was Wrong About Hanes . . .

For some reason, I never thought of Hanes as being a brand for me because I don’t wear a lot of T-shirts under my clothes (like men do).

Well, at this conference, Hanes set up a pop-up shop just for us ladies and boy boy boy!! A new love relationship started that day.


Free bras, t-shirts, socks and undies!!!!! Grab ’em #happyinhanes #DisneySMMC

A video posted by Bernetta Style (@bernettastyle) on

In the pop-up shop, they had all types of bras & underwear for us:

  • Sports bras
  • Wireless bras
  • T-shirt bras
  • Full Coverage

I was surprised to see such an endless variety of sizes & colors of bras. I was even more excited I had opportunity to take one of each and try them all.

Every bra I grabbed, became my new favorite. I honestly went home and threw away the majority of my bras, because of the way these Hanes bras made me feel when I wore them.

The Hanes bras were so soft. The ones I grabbed were all wireless, but still gave me great support with compromising comfort. 

In addition to the selection for women, they had a section for men, boys, & girls too. My family attended the conference with me in May, so imagine the look they had on their face when I returned to the room and dumped a big bag of t-shirts, underwear, socks, and training bras!

They thought it was Christmas up in there. Yes, Christmas! Raining underwear!

Honestly, the white socks are the softest ever. And this is coming from someone who hates wearing socks but I loved the ways these felt on my feet. Apparently my daughter did as well because they all somehow ended up in her drawer. ALL.OF.MY. HANES.SOFT.SOCKS.

Why it Matters What You Have On Underneath?

No one wants to think about their undergarments during the day. You want your undergarments to fit properly, feel good, and give you good coverage.

Its very irritating if you’re always pulling at your bra, because the wire is plugging into your skin or your undies keep giving you wedgies because they don’t fit properly.

Furthermore, Hanes undergarments still feel great months later. 

How would you like to try Hanes for yourself?

Apparently my husband knows how great Hanes is because when he recently received a package with the new Fresh IG Advanced Odor Protection Technology, he immediately went into a speech about how great these T’s were! 




I am giving away a package for Moms & Dads! To enter, just comment below on your favorite product from Hanes! The winner will be randomly chosen. The contest ends on 12/9.


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Family Time vs. Me Time in the 2016 Mazda CX-5

When I first moved to my new city, the first thing I wanted to do was explore. I wanted to know where the great restaurants were, the family friendly parks were and the best places to shop. 

I am grateful I was given the opportunity to test drive the 2016 Mazda CX-5 to explore my new (Tampa) & old (Atlanta) city for a week. 

The first thing I noticed about this car was that it seats 5. It was roomy enough for my children which made a big difference. 


When are you a big family like mine, you need space for luggage and travel needs. With this Mazda CX-5, we had enough trunk space for all of our luggage, and a few surprises for me from my husband.


This car has a lot of get up and go. It literally zips through traffic with ease. I love the safety features (blind spot detector, lane control & more) which gave me comfort while driving through new parts of the city. 

With our family traveling on the highway during the review, it was refreshing that the Mazda lived up to it’s promises of more power with ultra-low emissions and low fuel consumption as well, offering up to an EPA-estimated 33 highway MPG2

On our 7 hour road trip, I only had to get gas one time. While riding through the city, I didn’t have to gas up at all. In the long run, that’s more money in my pocket.


Why Moms Need this Car

I will give you two reasons why I loved this car from a mother’s perspective. 

  1. Leather seats – when you have kids and you let them eat in the car, spills are going to happen. It’s just life. This car allowed me to feel like I was in a luxury car, but still prepared if my children made a mistake.
  2. Keyless entry – all you have to do is press the door button, twice if you’re opening up all the doors. Many times, I am holding my 3 year olds hand, so not having to dig in my purse for a key is great. 


Mazda 2016 CX-5 Benefits & Features:

  • Halogen headlights with auto off and Daytime Running Lights
  • Dual body-colored side mirrors with integrated turn signals
  • Air conditioning with pollen filter
  • Push button start
  • Steering wheel-mounted audio, phone and cruise controls
  • Dual 12-volt power outlets (front and cargo area)
  • SMS text message audio delivery and reply
  • E911 automatic emergency notification
  • & many more


I love this picture of my husband. He was so handsome in this shot (to me of course). Who knew all the things he had planned for me during the week we experienced this car. 

First, we dropped the kids off at my mother’s house and headed to a stay-cation downtown. He booked a restaurant 2 nights in a row and we dined with our friends. The musical “Love Jones” was playing at the Fox Theatre, and imagine my surprise when we pulled up in the Mazda CX-5!

He created a weekend of relaxation, and fun with no mommy worries. 

I am happy that I was able to drive in style with the kids & enjoy me time without the kids! 

Mazda Gives Back

Mazda gave me a $25 Mazda Drive For Good Charitable Giving Card that allowed me to donate to a non-profit organization. With the holiday’s in full effect, I plan on donating to a local women’s shelter. 

To learn more about the 2016 Mazda CX-6, including specs, and to find a dealer near you head to

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Free Trial Code for You & 6 Cool Reasons to Download the Lifetime Movie Club App

Gabby Douglas_LMC

I have not had cable for over 2 years. I don’t miss it because thanks to technology, I can see all the shows & movies I want to see.

I am thankful for networks, like Lifetime that make their content available so I can enjoy good movies whether it’s for “me time” or “family time”.

When I did have cable, one of my go-to movie channels was the Lifetime channel. They have a way of making movies that stop you in your tracks until the very end. What’s funny is, when my friends and I are joking about any drama in our lives, we often comment with, “Now tell me what’s going on in this Lifetime Movie!”

Lifetime is known, for making some serious dramas and over the last few years has started making some great biographical movies about many legends we’ve come to love: Gabby Douglas, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Aaliyah to name a few. In each movie, I learned something about the struggle these ladies had to deal with on their rise to fame.

Remember, I said I don’t have cable … well how do I watch these movies? I’m glad you asked. Lifetime has an app called, Lifetime Movie Club.

Lifetime Movie App

Here are the Top 6 Benefits of the Lifetime Movie App:

  • Watch Lifetime movies anytime
  • Movies are commercial free
  • A new movie is added every day
  • Monthly and annual subscription options
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Watch on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Roku Player

My favorite feature is, I get to watch them commercial free. It’s always great when you can watch a great movie uninterrupted.

Would you like to try this app for FREE! Click on the image (below) or here

Lifetime Movie App

Some of Favorite Lifetime Movies are:

Gabby Douglas

My daughter has watched this movie more times than I can count, and this is NOT an exaggeration. She loves Gabby Douglas and her story. I have been able to sit down with her a few times to watch it, but the end always gets me. Once that Alicia Keys, Girl on Fire comes on, the tears automatically just roll down my face. With the ease of the LifeTime Movie Club app, my daughter can now go on my tablet and pull it up anytime.

Gabby Douglas

Description: Starring Regina King and Gabby Douglas. A gymnastics phenomenon beats overwhelming odds to become the first African American Olympic champion of the individual all-around competition. Based on a true story.

Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart

Living in Atlanta, I’ve seen all of the Braxtons sister before, except Toni. I was also given the coolest opportunity to interview them all at the Essence Festival in 2014, except Toni. I loved when this movie came out, because although she recently moved to LA, I was able to see her Atlanta connection. I’ve never met her in person but her story & family bond are amazing.

Toni Braxton

Description: Starring Lex Scott Davis, Debbi Morgan, and Gavin Houston. A gifted young singer works to navigate personal struggles with health and family while climbing the ladder of global fame.


Now this movie had us all on edge. The late great Whitney Houston’s story let us see a side of her that wasn’t in the public eye. During this movie, I sang every song right along with her! I saw how deep her love for her husband was and how she came to be with him. It was an amazing love story.

Whitney Houston

Description: Starring Yaya DaCosta and Arlen Escarpeta, with vocals by Deborah Cox. Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s relationship is threatened as the overwhelming rewards and consequences of fame begin to overshadow them both.

What are some of your favorite movies from Lifetime? If you’re like me and enjoy a Lifetime Movie, the Lifetime Movie Club would be great for you. Like I stated earlier, there are no commercials & or hidden fees. However, they have monthly and annual subscriptions options available.


I have an iPad, Andriod & a Roku Player, so I can watch movies on all my devices! Just download the app and start streaming!


Check out what other people are saying about their experience with the app by following along on social media #LifetimeMovieClub

Remember: 7 Day FREE TRIAL

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LifeTime Movie Club and Teh bLink Marketing Network. The opinions and text are all mine.

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3 Big Beneficial Reasons for Reading Student Loans are the Devil

student loans are the devil

I went to college for 5 years to get my Bachelors of Science in Marketing, plus 2 more years at a design school to get certified as an Art Director.

I have student loans.

I wish my mother could’ve afforded to send me to college by writing a check. I wish I didn’t still have a bill years after college graduation. I wish someone would’ve talk to me about debt & student loans my senior year of high school.

Things would be different for me if they did. (Reason #1)

One of my favorite sayings is, “Prevention is better than solution.” This can help in so many areas of your life. Financial preparation is no different.

My friend, Shatavia Elder, wrote this amazing book about her experiences with student loans. It’s more than just an experience, but also self-revelations about her mindset towards money.

This is the type of book, lessons, and power we as youth and young adults should have had a class on before we left high school. Guidance counselors could have taken it a step farther and had private meetings about this information. Schools should have set up sessions with parents and their children to make sure that they know what they are getting into.

Student loans.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have graduated college without student loans. It’s just that simple. My mom didn’t have the money to send me to school. Honestly, my mom didn’t even believe I was going to college because she couldn’t afford it, but that is another post & story I can share later.

I made it through Alabama State University with some financial aid & loans.

There are millions others like me, so I am not downing loans. What I do wish I would’ve known, was that there were other options & assistance. Also, that once I get a loan – how to pay it back quicker. (Reason #2)

Student Loans are the devil

This book would have been IT for me! It could be IT for your high schooler too!

Here are my two cents about Student Loans are the Devil:

As a college grad (who still has loans – which is actually my only debt) & a vision to pay them off, this book resonates big time. I am also a mom. It resonates with me as a mother about making sure my children have a strong sense of self as they grow up and not get caught into a cycle.

Student Loans are the Devil makes me ponder on where I currently am as I attempt to impact others, in my circle and beyond.

One thing that stands out in Student Loans are the Devil is purpose. Author, Shatavia Elder, shares about her own journey with finding her purpose which makes a major shift in her life. Through her experience as an award winning educator & youth purpose coach, she shows young adults how to tap into their inner feeling & voice early so as they enter college they will make better decisions.

My favorite quote from her book is from Myles Munroe, “Ignorance of a purpose does not cancel purpose. It just goes left unknown. When the purpose of a thing is left unknown, abuse is inevitable.” Wow!

How does that quote speak to you? It speaks volumes to me.

When you know the purpose of a thing, it will be used correctly & you will get the best use out if it. What is the purpose of your life?

This Book is Not Just for Young Adults 

For many people our age, we already have student loans – so this book will push us to face our issues head on and us to stop acting like they aren’t there. But again as parents, it can help us prepare our children & let us partner with them to think out of the box when it comes time to attend school & paying for it. (Reason #3)

My honest thoughts are, it should be required reading for college freshman before they get locked into those credit card companies and a life of debt.

Get the book on amazon or her website.

Do you have student loans? How long have you been paying on them? Would you would have did anything differently regarding money as a youth?



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{Video} Timely Grace UnBoxing & Giveaway

I am big on gratitude, faithfulness and Christ-centered events/products.

I also believe in the power God’s grace & mercy and I’ve seen first hand how it has made a difference in my life.

Recently, I was introduced to Timely Grace, a faith based gifting company dedicated to creating thoughtful “right on time” gifts, sprinkled with beautiful reminders of our Fathers amazing Grace.

Their products aim to promote Christ-Centered femininity with bold, chic and timeless designs.

When the Timely Grace Gift box arrived, I quickly did a FB Live video to share my immediate excitement. It was enjoyable to share my genuine reaction with you all. However, after watching the video, I saw I shared my address. #MAJORFAIL  So, I actually filmed another video to capture the essence of this great box!

Check out what was in my box here:


Would you love to own your own customized Timely Grace box? Well, this is a simple entry with 2 easy things.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletter for all news pertaining to motherhood, marriage & motivation.
  2. Tell me below what was your favorite thing in my Timely Grace box!

Rules: You have 10 days to enter and the winner will be chosen via

timely grace

What I Loved About Timely Grace!

  1. The items are not cheaply made. (My tea mug)
  2. I received a customized item. (My prayer jar)
  3. I feel inspired to press through adversity. (My scriptures frame)
  4. Relaxation and scents go hand in hand. (My candle)

After watching the video, what is your favorite item? If’ you’ve visited their site, which box would you get?

Update: Winner is Carsha Flowers

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TAZO Chai Latte Pods Make the Perfect Cup of Tea with Added Benefits

Chai Tea TAZO

“This post was sponsored by Starbucks as part of an Influencer Activation. I received compensation and complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

“Beeeeeeep! Beeeeeep! Beee..” it’s 6:15am and my alarm is going off.

Honestly, many people may think, “Let me start my coffee!”. Well, I’m quite the opposite. When my alarm goes off, I lay there for 15 minutes actually trying to wake up.

I get my children out of the bed at 6:30 for school, with the goal of leaving out of the house at 7am sharp. I don’t eat or drink anything until I come back home.

Upon arriving home, I like to make me a spinach, mushroom & onion omelet & bowl of oatmeal. I also make me a cup of tea. Yesssss, a nice hot cup of tea and sit at my fancy dining room table and have a breakfast date with myself.

Honestly, it’s the perfect alone time unless my 3 year old is still at home because he will then crawl on my lap and eat my omelet! It never fails.

TAZO Chai Latte

One thing I love about tea is that is has many health benefits. It makes me feel warm inside in addition to giving my body a treat.

A few years ago, my cousin introduced to me Chai Tea. She explained how good it was for me, but I tried it in the frappachino form and I quickly became a fan.

What is Chai Tea? It’s a part sweet & spicy black tea blend that originated 5,000 ago years with a historic Indian background.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods specially designed for the Keurig®. Ooohhmmmmggg! It was very good. (Hit play below to see the cool presentation)

What makes the TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods different is that it’s a two part process. I tried the TAZO® Vanilla Chai Tea Latte.

  1. Step 1: You add the TAZO® Chai Latte power to your tea mug.
  2. Step 2: Add TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods.
  3. Step 3: Hit Brew.
  4. Step 4: Mix the two with your spoon & drink.

I didn’t add any honey, additional sugar, milk or sweetener. I just drank it hot. It’s actually a combination of sweet and spicy.

It’s 4 main spices that give you the exotic taste with benefits.

  • Sweet Cinnamon – can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk factors, and has a ton of other impressive health benefits.
  • Fragrant Cardamom – this spice originated in India with health benefits that include gastrointestinal protection, cholesterol control, control of cancer, relief from cardiovascular issues, and the improvement of blood circulation in the body.
  • Spicy Ginger – is known for relieving digestive problems such as nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness and pain in addition to powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Black Tea – made from a shrub called Camellia Sinesis, it helps with oral & heart health, healthy bones, cancer prevention, stress relief, better immune system & more.

TAZO Chai Latte

When you brew the Chai tea, the look reminds me of a hot chocolate because it looks creamy & thick. The taste will quickly open up your senses and take you on a soothing journey.

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi, New York Times Bestselling author and host has partnered with TAZO to celebrate the release of the new K-Cup® pods. Teas and chai are apart of Padma’s heritage so creating recipes for a perfect cup of chai came easy to her. Check out her recipes here: I’d like to personally try the Sugar & Cinnamon Chips!

I love that the Keurig® brewer makes it easy to have the best cup of tea every morning. There’s no more boiling water or putting my mug in the microwave for 2 minutes. I just hit brew, so when my omelet & oatmeal are done, so is my new TAZO® Chai Latte.

Seriously, you have to try it! Seriously.

Follow along on social media to see what fans are saying & share your experience about TAZO® Chai Latte K-Cup® pods

TAZO® Facebook:
TAZO® Twitter:
TAZO® Pinterest:
TAZO® Instagram:


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Car Review: 3 Fun Features on the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


Did you say Walt Disney World? Yes, last week I surprised my children and took them on a 4 day trip to Disney World.

Walt Disney World_BernettaStyle

I had to (and wanted to) attend the Disney Social Media Moms Conference and my family was also invited to have the time of their lives! What a win-win for everyone!

My children are used to reviewing cars with me, but wondered why we were reviewing the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport & going out of town! Luckily their grandparents live in Florida and we drove to their house first. That was our cover up. It worked.

When we left my-inlaws house Thursday morning and pulled up at Disney, they were shocked and delighted. I was extremely happy because the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport got us there safe and quick!

When you travel with your children, you definitely want something that can handle your needs. Over the course of the week with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, I found 3 features that made our trip great:

  1. The Glass Ceiling. I have NEVER seen a car with a glass roof. Yes, cars have sun roofs, but never the entire top of the car. It’s a panoramic glass roof with adjustable LED mood lighting. You can open and close it to see a beautiful sky or trees. At night, the car illuminates around the windows. So swanky!
  2. Light on it’s feet (or tires). I noticed that when I wanted to whip through traffic, I needed to hold on to the steering wheel a little tighter. This car is so light, that it moves quicker than I expected and I was not ready for it. It’s lighter than normal because it’s not all metal like most cars. The sides are plastic! This allows the car to weigh less and move faster. And you can tell the difference. It’s called Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution, and the body utilizes crumble zones that help route and absorb energy during high-impact collisions. Its’ so light that I looked up and I was doing 80mph in a … never mind, just act like you didn’t read that last part.
  3. Gas Mileage. I think this is always a favorite because we love keeping money in our pockets if we can. We probably filled up a total of 2-3 times the entire trip.

While at Disney we had so much “swag”, which means gifts, that we were nervous about it fitting in the car. Luckily my husband is a master packer, and got everything in the trunk area with a small view to spare.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

That’s when I learned that the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport comes in a size bigger! Yes … It comes with a 3rd row if you purchase just the Mitsubishi Outlander, no sport.

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport starts at $19,595, but of course you can customize it to fit your needs.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

More great features include:

  • Heated front seats
  • Rearview camera
  • 10 year/ 100k power train warranty
  • 7 airbag safety system
  • Rain sensing windshield wipers
  • All wheel control
  • Powerful & Efficient Mivec Engines
  • Power folding side view mirrors

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

We had so much fun at Disney & thanks to Mitsubishi my kids were able to experience two great adventures. For more information check out their website or visit your local dealer for a test drive.


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Car Review: 3 Misconceptions About Minivans & Why the 2016 KIA Sedona Proves You Wrong

kia sedona

I don’t know who was looking forward to Spring Break more, my children or myself!

This Spring Break, my children spent the week with their grandparents in Florida (Tampa area) & my husband and I spent alone time in Miami (business & pleasure).

We’re use to the 7 hour trip to Florida, but what we weren’t use too, was riding in pure style & space. On this trip we were able to review the Kia Sedona 2016 Minivan and I think I want this car now!

What are your misconceptions about minivans?

  • Minivans are only for women
  • Minivans are not safe
  • Prices of minivans are too high

Well, let me say this about your misconceptions . . . you’re wrong!

Minivans are only for women | As a woman & mother, I felt proud to drive my children around in this car. Honestly, so did my husband. He didn’t hesitate to get in the drivers seat and learn all of the features of the Kia Sedona. He drove around with his chest pumped up!

Minivans are not safe | The Sedona earned a top five-star rating for it’s overall crash protection in a government crash test. This amazing vehicle was also awarded the highest rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Safety is a priority on all of our minds as parents, and Kia doesn’t take that concern lightly.

Prices of minivans are too high | What is too high? It’s more about what you can afford and what extras you are willing to pay for. The car we drove over spring break had all of the bells and whistles for my family. My children didn’t want to give the car back, which means these bells and whistles would be worth paying for. The Kia Sedona ranges from $29K – $40K depending on the features.

Kia Sedona

My 5 Favorite Now I Must Have Them in ALL My Car Features:

This minivan has opened my mind to something new & now I feel like I can’t go backwards. Well, I had to when I gave the car back (insert tears).

Reclining Seats | These seats go back, sideways and recline with a footrest. Let me say that again, a footrest. My children made deals with each other about who would sit where, when they saw this feature.

I laughed because on a simple trip to the store, I looked behind me and my daughter was reclining with her headphones on like we were on a 5 hour trip!

Kia Sedona car review

Front Camera | The vehicle has a front camera & a 360 degree camera. The front camera allows you to see where and how you are parked and what is around your car. Amazing technology!

My husband asked me to look out the window to see if he was going to hit a curb, I responded “Please use the camera!!”

Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona

DVD Players, Headphones & Remote | Did Kia know that my children would love this feature? This came in handy on the road to Florida. We were able to play the movies we downloaded on our tablets on the DVD player. For some strange reason, my kids were quiet most of this trip!

Kia Sedona

3rd Row & Deep Space | When you have 3 children that range in ages, they have different needs. With the 3rd row, my children felt some sort of independence about choosing their seats. We felt satisfaction because we had so much extra space in the car and in the back, that we didn’t have to compromise on what the children wanted to bring on this trip.


Clean Air Filter | How 2016 is this? We were able to review this car in the height of Spring, which means pollen is everywhere. The clean air filter allowed us to drive around and not even notice. It circulated clear air throughout the car and allowed us to breathe easy.

Kia Sedona

Many more features …

Now there are so many more features that you will enjoy and like me, took for granted after you use them a while.

  • Power folding & Heated outside mirrors
  • Dual Power Sunroof
  • Heated & Cooling Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • USB/Auxiliary Input Jack
  • Blind-Spot Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning  System
  • Cooling Glove Box

kia features1

Our Spring Break was so enjoyable. The children were able to visit their grandparents and swim daily. My husband and I were able to attend a blog conference & walk along south beach! We were grateful that the last thing on our mind was transportation. It was the perfect family travel vehicle.

To test drive and really see all the bells and whistles for yourself, visit your local Kia dealership. You can also visit their website and follow them on social media: @DrivaKia

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Can Another Woman Really Rub Your Husband Better than You? (Giveaway)

When was the last time you gave your man a massage. Not a back rub, but a real massage?

Honestly, I didn’t know how long it had been until he brought it up after this woman rubbed him down!

He exact words were, “I believe that was the best massage ever!”

I turned my lip up for 2.5 seconds, but I couldn’t really be mad or jealous because this woman is a professional. I was actually very happy that he was pleased with her service.

Valentine’s Day came and went, but I still wanted to gift my husband something. I was given the opportunity to test out Soothe, a massage service app (similar to Uber), where you pick:

  • Your Time (60 minutes, 90 minutes, or 120 minutes)
  • Your Type (deep tissue, sports, swedish, couples, pre-natal or pamper party)
  • Your Sex (male or female massage therapist)

Instead of using this service on myself, I wanted to be a giver. I gave the give of a good body rub to my husband and all I had to do was book a massage in less than 5 minutes.

The massage therapist showed up to our house on time & with all her tools. She had her own bed for my husband to lay on, the music and lotion. My husband received a 90 minute full body massage and the best part of it was the tax & gratuity was included!

Now, although my husband said he didn’t mind – I left the room. I didn’t know how the therapist would feel with me hovering over her as she rubs my husband. To her, it’s a client. To be completely honest, I did come out and peak at least once. Hehehe!!

Would you leave? Hmmmmm

massage 2

That’s when I got a tiny bit jealous. I wanted a massage!!!

My husband rubs me often (his version of a massage), but there is nothing like a professionally trained massage therapist! When he got off of that table, his face said it all.

Yessssss!!! (Hmph! It’s like that, huh?)

He explained that her technique was amazing. She stretched him as well as massage him. We recently started working out with a trainer, so this could not have come at a better time.

Would I use this service again? Absolutely.

My husband & I agreed, we probably would have never gotten this service because of our mindset. Growing up, we knew people could have a massage therapist come over – but it always seemed like it was for the rich!

With Soothe it’s only $99, $139 or $169! It’s so freaking affordable! It’s also around the same price as other locations but you get to stay home & the tip is included! A win-win!

(Giveaway) A Massage Just for You or Your Man!

Do you want to be a giver and let the love of your life experience a great massage? Or do you need to treat yourself? Either way, enter the giveaway below for a 90 minute massage!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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3 Must Have Mazda 6 Features When Traveling with Children

Over the last few years, my children’s school started “Winter Break”. As a parent our first reaction was, isn’t winter break the same as Christmas break?

Apparently not, because winter break is a full week in February.

Our children started school in August, and have been out a week every month since school started.

September – Fall break (didn’t they just start school?)
October – Parent/Teacher conference so they get off (really?)
November – A full week off for Thanksgiving (it was only Thursday and Friday when I was in school)
December – One week off for Christmas
January – One week off for New Years
February – Winter Break (Just why?)
March – Parent/Teacher conference (more off days!)
April – Spring Break (One more week!)
May – School is out!

Did you have so many days off growing up? We sure didn’t!

This winter break my husband planned a trip for our family which took some stress off of me. He booked us a week at the WestGate Resort in Florida and we rode down in style.

We were able to experience the 2016 Madza 6 and we enjoyed every bit of styling on the highway. However, when you travel with children there are certain things you need in a vehicle that will make your trip more comfortable.

3 Must Have Mazda 6 Features that Made our Winter Break Comfortable with 3 Children:

1. Trunk Space. Our trip was 7 days and my husband had a bright idea that we would all have our own luggage! I asked him was he sure (because we usually share), but the Mazda 6 actually secured all of our luggage without the trunk being overly stuff or overflowing.madza 6

2. Keyless Entry. When you travel with children, there’s a lot of getting in and out of the car for shopping, site seeing, getting gas, etc. Our youngest is 3 years old and its so much easier to press a button to open the door to put him in the carseat versus searching for my keys. As long as the keys are in my pocket or purse, the car will open. Where has the feature been all my life?!  (Well, motherhood life!)madza 63. Good Gas Mileage. My husband is a planner down to the stops we make. That irks me, but with the gas mileage being 38 MPG we stopped less on our 7 hour ride & saved more money over the entire trip. mazda 6BONUS: Stylish! I loved the bold red color and car body style. Although we were toting 3 kids with us, we didn’t have to look frumpy. It made me feel great jumping in and out of such a stylish car with kids. You can still have a family and ride in luxury!


More great features of the Madza 6

  • Warrenty: 3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi power train
  • 3 Trim Levels: Sport, Touring & Grand Touring range from $21,495 to $30,195
  • Multi-function command control
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Rear seat heat and A/C vents
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Leatherette-trimmed seats
  • Power sliding glass moonroof
  • 19″ alloy wheels with dark silver finish

mazda 222

Madza 6 Cool Fact: The GT Technology Package also includes Mazda’s i-ELOOP system, which uses regenerative braking to store electricity. That electricity is then used to power the car’s electrical accessories, which reduces the engine’s load.

Car 1

We really enjoyed our stay in Florida. I actually got to relax … doesn’t that sound like a dirty word? R-e-l-a-x!

Car 2

The kids were able to swim at least 3 out of the 7 days. Which equals to a “great vacation for them!” We stayed at a great place & traveled comfortably.

My kids loved the Mazda 6 and appreciated the space & outlets in the back seat that allowed them to play with their gadgets or nap! You know you’re winning when your children give you two thumbs up!

The Madza 6 starts off at $21,495 but can go a little be higher with more bells and whistles. It handles very well on the road and was designed with the driver in mind.

If I didn’t have children, I could still see myself on the highway; sunroof open, and the wind in my hair driving this car. Go test drive it, you will be hooked too!

Here’s a fun mini Periscope review I did of the Mazda6:

Have you ever driven a Mazda?

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Product Reviews

2016 Mazda 3 Gives Back in More Ways than One

Madza 3_review

It is always better to give than it is to receive. It’s no better time of year to prove this concept than during the holidays.

While making sure my children, husband & parents would be happy on December 25th, Madza gave me a gift of my own.

I was able to enjoy the 2016 Madza 3 for a little over a week during the Christmas break, which allowed me to get shopping done, in and out traffic quickly, and even spread a little Christmas cheer outside of my family.


This year, my family partnered with a friend and created the Purses with Purpose Campaign. We raised hundreds to fill 20 brand new bags for women at a local Atlanta Shelter, with all the things a woman really needs (a few wants).


I was able to deliver these bags on December 26th with my family, while driving the Madza 3. It felt so good to give back.

See our video here:

Mazda Gives Back Too!

In spirit of giving, Mazda has done something that no other car company has (at least with me). They gave me MONEY to donate to my charity of choice. How awesome is that?


I was given a Mazda Charitable Giving Card with $25 on the card and the authority to donate to and 501(c)3 Non-profit organization of my choice. I haven’t selected the organization yet, but I am leaning towards Girls, Inc., because I have a soft spot for young girls striving to be their best.

My Favorite Feature of the Mazda 3

Ok! Watch this!! When I first saw of this feature, I immediately thought about “Back to the Future!” I’ve never seen something so cool, that I called my husband outside, off the phone and made him sit in the front seat just to see this feature (press play below).

It’s an Active Driving Display, that gives you real-time vehicle speed, turn-by-turn directions and safety alerts are displayed right in your line of sight, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

More great features of the Mazda 3 Include:

  • SKYACTIV® Technology- 
    • SKYACTIV BODY | Lighter for better handling, yet stronger and more stable at high speeds
    • SKYACTIV CHASSIS | Delivers greater stability and agility
    • SKYACTIV| DRIVE AND SKYACTIV®-MTSix-speed automatic or manual transmission for fast, smooth shifting
    • i-ELOOP | Regenerative braking system that recycles energy to improve real-world fuel efficiency
    • SKYACTIV-G ENGINE | Higher compression for more power, more performance and better fuel efficiency
  • 40 HWY + 184 Horsepower | This car glides. You hit the gas and it moves immediately.
  • Advanced Keyless Entry
  • 2105 IIHS Top Safety Pick
  • Air conditioning with pollen filter (good southern feature)
  • 5 Passenger seating
  • Rearview Camera
  • Advanced dual front air bags – with crash-zone & passenger weight sensors


PicMonkey Collage

This car is great for new families, recent college grads who are ready to hit the world with big dreams & moms with style who stay on the go!

This car is too great to sit in a driveway all day, it was made to be on the road. It caters to the driver.


Although the actual holidays are over, don’t let that end the spirit of giving for you. Be a giver all year long. It can change your life, from the inside out. Try it and see!

If you interested in a Mazda 3, the price ranges from $18,545 – $26,495*

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Fashion Product Reviews

[Giveaway] 5 Ways to Wear Leggings in the Winter Outside of the Gym

There has been an on going debate about leggings for the past few years. Should I or shouldn’t I wear them as pants? If I am 100% honest with you, I think leggings worn the wrong way are very inappropriate. (Before you write me nasty comments, that’s just the mom in me.)

But but but … whatever you are comfortable in,  you should wear proudly.

Legging are versatile. They can be worn many different ways, creating so many comfortable & chic looks. I was fortunate enough to try some No Nonsense Leggings over the past month and they have a pair for every season.

Now that winter is here, you can still rock them!


Initially leggings were deemed as “The Exercise Pants” and years later it has become our go-to pants for any and every occasion. While we still exercise in leggings, here are a few ways you can style them outside of the gym.

5 Ways to Wear Leggings Outside of a Fitness Gym:

1. Long, open (or closed) buttoned down shirt with a scarf & boots.

2. Add a long cardigan sweater over a t-shirt for a relaxed look.

3. A cute pair of flats, oversized T shirt and scarf for an around the town look.

4. A shirt that is too short to be a dress, but too long to be shirt is a perfect match for leggings.

5. In the colder months, substitute tights for leggings! Wear them under a skirt or dress.

Bonus Tip:

6. Pattern leggings take all of the attention, so pair it with a solid shirt (white, black or another color).

What styles have you tried? Luckily with No nonsense leggings, they accentuate your natural curves and are extremely comfortable.

Discover No nonsense leggings in:

  • Denim
  • Corduroy
  • Chino
  • Ponte
  • and Cotton styles

I was sent 3 pair; Denim, Animal Print and a Solid Color. You can pair these with almost anything? How would you like to try a pair or two?


Giveaway rules: Just comment below with your honest thoughts about leggings and subscribe to the newsletter for all things Motherhood, Marriage & Motivation,

2 ladies will win 2 pairs of No Nonsense Leggings. Giveaway last for 1 week.