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Strengthen your Money Relationship w/ Dr. Nicole Garner Scott (Dream Girl, Dream Podcast Interview)

As a women or mom we need to know where are money is going and how to have our money working for us early in life. This conversation with Nicole goes deeper into why she enjoys helping people build their wealth and why she will be dreaming big until the very end. 

Dr. Nicole Garner Scott is a sought-after licensed Financial Consultant, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. Nicole received her undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, her MBA in digital entrepreneurship, and was awarded an honorary doctorate recognized for her work in business. A mother and wife, this native Atlantan is a TEDx speaker and has been recognized for her entrepreneurial innovation by the White House under the Obama administration as well as receiving the Mayoral Phoenix award which is the highest award bestowed by the city of Atlanta.

Her work as the founder of The Money Plan  (www.TheMoneyPlanInc.Com)  takes a unique approach in her practice by helping people achieve financial security through holistic integrative planning.  By connecting pieces of her client’s financial puzzle and determining if they are working together in a coordinated strategy, she helps create their ideal financial picture and map out their legacy.

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I’m a Trader.

I’ve been an influencer for 10+ years. What does that even mean? It means for 10+ years, I’ve shared many stories and experiences about my life. The goal has always been to share things that make your life easier. Sometimes I hit the mark, sometimes I didn’t.

Over the last two years, I’ve been going back and forth about this site. Do I want to keep BernettaStyle? Do I want to just walk away? I honestly feel like I did walk away for a minute. I just didn’t have it in me to write, type, edit etc. Also, Instagram and reels have taken over so much, do people even still read blogs? Hahaha!!

Well, I titled this post I’m a trader because I am. Over the last two years, I been training on how to trade. Trade stocks, options and futures. I absolutely love it.

While, BernettaStyle has been good to me and my family. I have new goals, new dreams, new desires and it doesn’t include necessarily being an intentional influencer. What does that mean? It means, that I will keep this site but I’m returning back to first feeling of starting this blog. Which was sharing to share and because it feels good. It means, that I will post when I want to share something. I still always want to provide value and not make this a “look at me” site.

What do you love about trading?

I’ve always had a interest in stocks. Since 1999. I opened my first brokerage with Fidelity in 1999 when I started working at IBM. My then manager gave me a stock tip and I opened an account. What’s funny is, back then you couldn’t buy and sell yourself like you could do now with Robinhood, Webull, TD Ameritrade. Back then you had to use a broker for everything. So, when I opened this Fidelity account with this stock tip, the stock did go up – but I didn’t know I should have sold it and not hold. I lost $1000. What an expensive lesson. It didn’t deter me from investing, but just a lesson to kickstart my journey.

Fast forward to 2018. I was working at some job here in Florida and everytime I could check my phone, I was buying and selling stock on Robinhood. All of sudden, I saw a video about options and how you can make money faster.

One option contract is equal to 100 stocks. (Mind blown). It was also a black woman teaching people how to do that. Well, her class was more that I could spend at the time so I didn’t take the class, but my interest for options was now there.

In 2018, I joined a Build-a-bag options group through Stocks and Stilettoes. You had to start with $500 and pay $75 monthly with the hopes of having a BIG BAG of money in one year. I thought we would learn options in the group. I was wrong. No one knew anything major and I lost money and time. 2019, I invested in a swing trading class with Stocks and Stilettoes & LaToyia from The Profit Room. This was what I needed the entire time. About six months later, I invested in an options class with The Profit Room and in early 2021 a futures class. Honestly, I’m going to have to revisit the futures class again because I needed more time with the information. 

I’m hooked.

I love trading because once you learn the strategies of trading, you can make “change your life forever” kind of money. Yes, you can lose a lot too. I’ve lost ALOT on my journey. However, I’ve made money as well. I love trading because once I master this, I don’t have to sell anything else (entrepreneurship is ALOT) and I won’t have to work for anyone (if I choose not too).

My long term goal is to trade full time like my mentors Ernest & LaToya, owners of The Profit Room. They are the real deal. Their students are the real deal and everyone is an open book. They want us to learn, grow and make this money.

I look at my trading journey as my own personal masters program. You don’t start college on day 1 and have a degree on day 2. You have to go through the process, learn, experience, do, make mistakes and have milestones. It’s the same with trading. You have to want to learn this because if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, but once you learn it and apply the strategies correctly it becomes easy.

So, I’m a trader. I have a two year goal. I’m going to share it here to put it in the atmosphere and watch it manifest.

Goal: I want to make my current salary twice over within the next two years. Meaning, I want to make double my currently salary in under 2 years trading stocks, options and futures by July 2023.

My son graduates high school in May 2023. It would be amazing to hit the goal by then. It’s doable. I will tell you what that magic number is when I hit the goal. Why that goal? Because if I can double my work salary in under two years, that means I can successfully trade as a full time trader and not need a job. Now, if I want to keep working after I reach this goal, that will be my choice but reaching this goal means I now have to skills to trade without a job.

“What’s the alternative?”

Ernest and Latoya often interview their students via youtube and the last interview I heard was from a lady who is a realtor who has found success trading futures. One thing that rings in my head when they asked her why does she want to trade now? Her response was “What’s the alternative?” I promise I can’t get that out of my head. What’s the alternative for me if I don’t trade? For me? Not you.

The alternative is working for someone until retirement. Putting in my vacation days a few times a year. I want more. Living life on the schedule of the business. I want ALOT more. I want to live a different life. Trading successfully will help me create that life.

I’m 44 and the first goal was to be able to retire working at 50 because of trading. However, now I have this new goal ($ amount) within two years. And when I reach my goal, it doesn’t mean I’m quitting my job. It just means I can if I want too. I actually love the company I work for. But I’m going to love the life I’m creating for myself and my family more. “What’s the alternative?”

So how am I going to reach my goal? Remember, I told you that I look at this journey as my own personal masters program. I’ve surrounded myself with amazing traders and continue to learn from them daily. I’m on a weekly Sunday calls with Ernest/LaToya (a group call) about tickers, charts and how the market is moving. There’s another call with other profit room traders about strategies. I will also chart daily. I will master support and resistance (I’m pretty good now, if I do say so myself). I will master candlesticks, entry, exit and SL. I will MASTER RISK MANAGEMENT (this is where you lose and/or keep your money).

I am so excited about this journey. So excited.

As I work towards this goal, I can share more. Feel free to ask questions.

So I’m a trader. Not so much an influencer as I was before, unless I’m influencing you to go for the life you want for yourself.

Zoom. (The song, not the platform). This was an old friend’s favorite song. It just came to me as I ended this post. Listen to it. In case you read this post old friend … I hope you’re finally happy.


How We Paid Off $95,000 of Debt in Two Years!

“3 .. 2 .. 1.. WE’RE DEBT FREE!!” We shouted with the couple on the radio who just shared their debt free story on the Dave Ramsey show! This is something we shouted regularly as we listened daily hoping for one day to have our turn to scream those famous three words. 

Well, as of today we haven’t been able to scream those words on the Dave Ramsey show, but we have been able to say WE’RE DEBT FREE!! We paid off $95,000 in 2 years. 

Here’s our story

We moved to Florida from Atlanta in August 2016 to be closer to my husband’s family. We wanted our children to grow up around them. Well, the rents were too high for too little house. Also because we were homeowners before, we didn’t want to jump into buying house with all of the responsibility that comes with it and have DEBT! 

Fortunately, my in-laws had a small (I am NOT exaggerating) suite in the back of their home. I did NOT want to stay there, but my husband had a vision. After going back and forth (and a lot of screaming), I agreed. We spent about $3,000 to renovate the inside of it and make it livable. We moved into this 1 bedroom suite in September 2016. My two older children had a bedroom in their grandparents home, and my youngest slept in the back with us. Now we were all on the same land, just feet apart. 

(Yes, I lived in here for 2 years. I promise it was cute on the inside. No one came over but my best friend and my mother. It was HARD, but the reward was great – keep reading.)

At this time we had 95,000 in debt. 

My in-laws knew we had goals and did NOT charge us RENT. They did NOT ask for a DIME! Let me say that again, they did NOT charge us or ask us for a DIME! We did give them $300 a month because we were using their power, internet and just because it was the right thing to do.

All of 2017 we paid off every debt we had except for my student loan (that was 55k). So by the end of 2017 we had paid off a total of 40k in debt:

1 Student Loan (his 3K)
2 Credit cards  (both 6k)
2 Car notes (Mine 17k) (His 14k) ** We had just bought these cars too. Earl bought his in 2015, and mine in 2017 so we paid his off in 2 years and mine in one year. Before we bought those cars, we hadn’t had a car note in 10 years but we needed newer cars. 

In 2018 with only my student loan as our debt, we continued to pay the minimum but decided it was time to buy a home. We started putting money aside for the home and closed on our 4 Bed, 3 Bath, 3 Car garage home in August 2018 and moved in September 2018. Exactly 2 years from when we first moved to Florida. We were able to fix up our home with cash and that felt amazing. But wait – we still had a 55K debt hanging over our head. 

In January 2019 we agreed to pay off my student loan. It was $55k. By November, we had got it down to 26k. I was proud of us and thought that was it for the year. I didn’t see another 26k coming in 30 days. My husband said HAVE FAITH!

Shortly after that, I saw 2 FB post by my friends, Tomiko and Danielle. They both shared how they needed some money and manifested it. I already write down prayers and affirmations but I wasn’t at the time writing about my student loans. Early December I started writing everyday – “I will pay off my student loan in full. I will get 26k.” And of course praying/believing and really not worrying about it. In my mind, I was still going to set money aside and have a new goal to pay it off by March 2020.

Well, December 29th my husband said, “Happy Early Birthday! I had 2 big closings and I’m paying off your 25.6k loan balance in FULL tomorrow!” 

Mouth drop moment!! We paid it off the next morning and are officially debt free (outside of the mortgage with is our next plan).

We paid of 95k in debt in 2 years.  (2017/2019)
2 Credit cards
2 Car notes
2 Student Loans

Debt Free baby!! We followed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University on our road to being debt free and are still following the steps. I did try to get on the his show to do the debt free scream, but we haven’t had a call back yet.

I’m still hopeful we will one day share our story on his show. (Someone share this with him, please!)

On the morning we actually paid our loan off, Bailee and I screamed when we pressed the pay button “We’re DEBT FREE!”

Oh!! Being Debt free was on my vision board too! It has manifested.

We went into 2020 debt free. And oh what a blessing it was because who knew what was in front of us with COVID. In 2020, we were still able to thrive. With only house bills to pay, we were able to get new floors, cabinets, redesigned our office and BUILT A POOL – all debt free. 

In all honestly, when you’re in a mountain of debt, it can look overwhelming. But once you make up your mind to get rid off it, it’s 100% possible. I was willing to stay in a one bedroom suite for 2 years to get that debt paid off. One thing Dave Ramsey says is,

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

On days when it seemed like it was too far off, those stories on the Dave Ramsey show kept me motivated and recharged me. 

Stay tuned for the paid off house post!

Thank you GOD!


I Launched a Podcast: Dream Girl, Dream!

So yesterday I did a thing. I finally launched a podcast. It’s called Dream Girl, Dream

Dream! Dream Girl, Dream is a podcast designed to encourage women to go for the things they dream about in life. Each week I’ll share tips and steps that will move you into action. I’ve always been passionate about motivating women into action and living life on your terms to make your dreams come true.

Each week you will hear talks that are designed to move you into action and one step (or multiple steps closer) to the life you desire, so Dream Girl, Dream!

I’ve been procrastinating for months on this project. Bit by bit, I got it together and finally recorded the first two episodes yesterday.

The first episode shares background about me, and why I started a podcast. The second episode’s topic is Why Moms Need to Dream. 

I promise it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder after getting these done. What’s funny is I didn’t even tell anyone (except the family and BFF) that I recorded the podcast. Meaning, I didn’t promote it yet. I just sat with the accomplishment of having it complete. 

Why did I start a Podcast?

I have a lot to say and it’s more than a 300-word blog post. It’s a great avenue to reach new amazing women and transform lives. I will be able to share more of my inner thoughts and feelings and connect with you all on a deeper level.

In this podcast, we will talk about Dreaming, Goals, Womanhood, Wifelife, fiances, GOD, friendships, relationships, and how it all has a part in how we live our lives. You will always leave the podcast with an actionable step (or DreamWork as I like to call it) and feel free to send me updates on your progress every step of the way.

So What if it is Not Perfect

I didn’t actually need it to be perfect to start it, but I did want certain things in place. I wanted the podcast cover graphics to be right, the podcast available to be ready, website links ready, topics for weeks. Well, I got some of that complete. 

I used Anchor to record my podcast and although you can speak directly into the computer to record, I did buy this mic from Amazon. It has a USB cord, that I plugged directly into my laptop. I sat on my closet floor (because it had the best sound acoustics) and recorded. I then had to teach myself how to edit. However, because I’ve edited so many videos, I caught on quickly. 

Just like when I started my blog 10 years ago, I had no idea how my life would be enhanced by all the amazing opportunities God had in store. I’m looking forward to starting this new journey, and I welcome the surprises. 

Check out my podcast, Dream Girl, Dream!
I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for show topics going forward.