My 2022 Year-End Recap, Grateful Indeed

I was this close to not writing this post. Mainly because I’ve slowed down tremendously even writing on my blog. 2022 was a blessed year, but also an interesting one. An eye-opening one. An expanding one. There were some mental shifts in me personally and although grateful for the outcome, change sometimes is good, but it also sometimes hurts. I decided to write this post more for myself. I was nominated for a 50 under 50 award (still waiting to hear back) and I had to put my career accomplishments. I actually sat at my computer and could hardly think of anything, UNTIL… I came to my site and started to read my year-end recaps. I’m like …. girl, stop playing with yourself, you have done some things, ma’am! So, that’s when I decided to write this post, so if/when I ever need to come back to see God’s grace, favor, and mercy on my life, it’s here.


This year started out with my birthday. I turned a glorious 45. I celebrated with my friends.

  • Over the course of January, I held a goal planning/vision board party at my house.
  • I was featured in Voyage Tampa 
  • We got our first (and only) dog, Kash, as a family. Kash, a beautiful black golden doodle, was 8 weeks old when he joined our family. He is now a year and whewwww chile, who knew having a dog would be like this? I’ve wanted to sell him or give him away every other week. Mainly in the morning. But all jokes aside, he’s a sweetie.


  • I went to Atlanta for the first Supermom weekend, hosted by Trina Small. I was invited to share the vision and mission of The Knighten Project and our Packing with Purpose campaign.
  • I also attended my first Mother & Son Dinner with my oldest son. He actually did a dance & presentation with the other young men to the song, Mama, by Boyz to Men. I cried real tears. 


  • I started back recording my podcast, Dream Girl, Dream! with some amazing guests.
  • We also spent spring break in Orlando and finally visited Universal Studios after living in Florida for 6 years. I think my children enjoyed it more than Disney if I’m honest. I believe it’s because they are older now and the virtual rides among other things are just so creative and different from Disney. 


  • Can you say New Edition!?!? Me and the bestie went to see New Edition, Jodeci & Charlie Wilson. OMG! That concert was PERFECTION!
  • I also started working with a physical trainer, Denzel, this month. He was great. I worked with him through September. I saw a change in my body and endurance, but I wanted to be pushed more by my trainer, so I’m on the hunt for a new one.
  • In April, we also walked in our 2nd JDRF Walk for Type 1 Diabetes.
  • A sweet surprise was our first big brand sponsor for The Knighten Project with Eden Bodyworks.


  • I was featured in another online publication, SheGeeChee 
  • We had our first wine-tasting fundraiser for The Knighten Project.


The Summer brought a lot of joy and great memories. A few highlights were

  • My oldest taking his high school graduation pics (why was I crying??),
  • A girl’s cruise to Cozumel for 5 days.
  • We donated more suitcases for teens aging out of foster care to local organizations 
  • A preview of my daughter’s new children’s book came out. 


  • My daughter’s first children’s book and coloring book came out, and it’s on Amazon too! #ProudMom 
  • I had my first speaking engagement of the year with Beyond Type 1, sharing my experience living with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • I took a huge leap and got sisterlocs. This sister loc experience is a whole blog post by itself! Stay tuned. 


  • I took another girl’s trip to New York to see my nephew who attends Howard, play at the NY Giants stadium.
  • Then, I celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary with the hubs the next week. 


I met Beyonce’s dad! Yes, Mr. Matthew Knowles. The hubs and I attended a business meeting in Atlanta with our Mastermind and Mr. Knowles was our guest speaker.  He dropped a lot of valuable information about the business of being in business, etc. 


  • Earl and I started the month closing on our first investment property under our new investment property company.
  • We were featured on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend TV show to discuss The Knighten Project.
  • And of course, we had to dress up (a little) to go see Wakanda Forever. 


  • I didn’t realize how full December was until I looked back at the pics. I started off my December in Chicago, celebrating my friend’s birthday.
  • Bailee’s book made it on a stocking stuffers list in Black Enterprise.
  • Chase donated $1000 worth of items for our Packing with Purpose Suitcase Donation Drive. PwC also donated $1000 cash.
  • My son was accepted into his #1 college choice among 13 other schools.
  • Earl and I went to our second Diner en Blanc and a cool 90s birthday party. We also held our first public packing event and had a great time out with all of the volunteers.
  • Oh! We finally got matching pjs

These were some fun highlights over this year. And everything didn’t make this post. I am most grateful for my husband and children. My children also had a lot of milestones this year and I’m glad that we could be there to support them as they develop and grow. There were some major changes and shifts in my life too this year. Meeting new amazing people, releasing others to their destiny, some good aha moments as well as OMG! God blessed me and my family and for that I am grateful. 

For 2023 ….. man oh man! This will be a big year for our family

  • My son & first born will graduate high school, then turns 18 shortly after
  • He heads off to college
  • my daughter turns sweet 16
  • We celebrate 20 years of marriage
  • My youngest turns double digits (hey, that’s important to me)
  • and quite a few other things, I won’t share until after they happen (or at all) 

I do have my word & goals for 2023 too. I have decided to keep that to myself as well unless we happen to meet in person and it comes up. I will share it at the end of 2023, God willing. I will tell you this, I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. 

God bless you all. 




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