I’m Speaking at the Motivated Moms Retreat – Come get refreshed Moms!

In 2018 and 2019, I had the honor of speaking at the Motivated Moms Retreat in Dallas, TX. The first time, I spoke about The Knighten Project and working within the community. The second time, I shared my story of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Both experiences allowed me to share a side of myself with other women/mothers who may have been going through something similar.

This September, I again get a great opportunity to share my story. This time I’m sharing how my husband and I paid off $95,000 in debt in 2 years. Each time I went, it was a full weekend of relaxation, fun, education and trying something new. I left refreshed and restored. Last year, I brought my (high school bestie) Julie and I believe that even made our friendship stronger. I’m happy that she’s going back with me again. After a year like 2020/2021, this mom’s retreat is just want we need.

Who is the Motivated Mom?

Latoyia Dennis, the creator of The Motivated Mom – she helps moms create strategies for success to live a healthy life of purpose, fully engaged, and financially free by offering motivational, inspirational, and educational content that allows them to fund their dreams and be great women and extraordinary moms without compromising their family life. 

The Motivate Mom Retreat is an extension of that mission to help moms to retreat – pull back and self-care to ensure that they are continuing to be great women and extraordinary moms.  Being a mom is not an easy job, and it did not come with a set of “sure to succeed” directions.  She considers it part of her life’s mission to impact the lives of moms and lead them to a life of purpose.

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What Will You Experience?

The Motivated Mom Retreat is an annual gathering of moms/women seeking a weekend of selfcare, education, inspiration, and relaxation. The Retreat targets 200 moms/women and offers engaging content, guilt-free fun, and opportunities to interact with brands who are committed to empowering women, particularly moms. This ultimate empowerment experience is two full interactive days of motivation, education, and relaxation as we pamper the mind, body, and spirit of moms and caregivers. Set at a location that provides the perfect environment for rest, peace, and tranquility with an onsite pool, spa, and wellness center for use during your stay. 

The best part, all activities are included in your ticket price!! 

Here are some pics from last two times I was able to attend:

motivated mom

Moms retreat



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