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7 New Disney COVID Safety Procedures at Animal Kingdom

Last week my family spent the entire day at the Animal Kingdom. We were invited out by Disney to see and experience how they’ve implemented new safety procedures for their guest. COVID

Since the start of COVID we are extra careful with how we move and go places. When Disney invited me out, I was nervous because we really only really go to the grocery store, Wal-mart and to get some fast food (sometimes) – with the occasional beach experience. 

Disney assured me they have turned up the safety of their quest to the next level and of course my family wanted to go. 

Here are seven new safety features at Disney if you plan to visit soon:

1. When you purchase your tickets (online), you also have to make a park reservation. Meaning you have to reserve the date you want to visit. Don’t show up unannounced at Disney! (They actually might have a few spaces but still, reserve your spot!)

2. They check everyone’s temperature before they enter. If it’s over a certain degree, you can’t enter.

3. Everyone must wear a mask the entire time and they are constantly reminding you – ALL DAY! They have it over the intercom, there are people walking around with signs, the employees mention it. If you don’t have one, you can buy one.

4. Contactless purchases. The employees now will not touch your phone (so don’t ask them to take your picture!), your credit cards etc. You can order food on your phone and/or pay through your magic band.

5. Social Distance is everywhere. Because they’re not letting a lot of people in, it’s easy to social distance. It starts in the parking lot! They even skip rows.

6. Protective Barriers – in lines where you would normally be close because of rows that are back to back, there is protective glass in addition to spacing out rows.

7. I saw the entire park! I’ve been to Animal Kingdom 3 times before but today I was actually able to really SEE it and experience it because it wasn’t a lot of people. We went through the entire park and rode all the ride, saw all the exhibits with ease.

Also check our family out on the Disney Parks Blog, thanks Courtnee Collier for the feature!!

Would you go to Disney if you could? Which park would you visit? 



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