MY SPY Interview with Breakout Star, Chloe Coleman

During the quarantine, we are definitely watching more movies than we have in the past. One thing we’ve definitely been enjoying are family movies, where we can all get something enjoyable out of it the experience.

Last week, my family got a sneak peek of the new Amazon Prime movie, My Spy, staring Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman. The movie is about a CIA superspy, JJ (Bautista), whose job it is to monitor Sophie’s (Chloe) family to see if they can find out more information. During his time monitoring them, he is caught by Chloe’s character and then the fun of the movie actually begins. 

Once Sophie finds out that JJ is a spy, instead of turning him in she makes a deal to learn more about the spy life. It’s a cute movie that had all of us talking back to the screen. 


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My daughter and I had a cool opportunity to ask Chloe a few questions LIVE last week on a call. It’s not everyday that you get to see a movie and talk to the starring actor. My daughter was very excited. 

But before we get into the interview, here’s what Bailee thought of the movie in her own words:

I thought the movie was good because it shows that Sophie didn’t need help to outsmart JJ. Also, she never gave up on trying to learn to be a spy. Once JJ got to know Sophie and her mom, Kate, it didn’t stop him from working on the case even once he was fired. 

My favorite parts were when Sophie blackmails JJ and when his partner slept on a nasty bed (that was funny). Also, the nice couple next door surprised me at the end of the movie (you have to watch to see). 

Bailee’s question to Chloe:

Bailee: Was it hard speaking French for this role or did you already know how to speak the language? 

Chloe: I’ve always loved the language, and although it was hard at first, I soon found a passion for it. 

Check out the full interview here with 11 more amazing parents and their children getting to know Chloe

You can now watch My Spy on Amazon Prime, starting June 26th. 




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