I Launched a Podcast: Dream Girl, Dream!

So yesterday I did a thing. I finally launched a podcast. It’s called Dream Girl, Dream

Dream! Dream Girl, Dream is a podcast designed to encourage women to go for the things they dream about in life. Each week I’ll share tips and steps that will move you into action. I’ve always been passionate about motivating women into action and living life on your terms to make your dreams come true.

Each week you will hear talks that are designed to move you into action and one step (or multiple steps closer) to the life you desire, so Dream Girl, Dream!

I’ve been procrastinating for months on this project. Bit by bit, I got it together and finally recorded the first two episodes yesterday.

The first episode shares background about me, and why I started a podcast. The second episode’s topic is Why Moms Need to Dream. 

I promise it felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulder after getting these done. What’s funny is I didn’t even tell anyone (except the family and BFF) that I recorded the podcast. Meaning, I didn’t promote it yet. I just sat with the accomplishment of having it complete. 

Why did I start a Podcast?

I have a lot to say and it’s more than a 300-word blog post. It’s a great avenue to reach new amazing women and transform lives. I will be able to share more of my inner thoughts and feelings and connect with you all on a deeper level.

In this podcast, we will talk about Dreaming, Goals, Womanhood, Wifelife, fiances, GOD, friendships, relationships, and how it all has a part in how we live our lives. You will always leave the podcast with an actionable step (or DreamWork as I like to call it) and feel free to send me updates on your progress every step of the way.

So What if it is Not Perfect

I didn’t actually need it to be perfect to start it, but I did want certain things in place. I wanted the podcast cover graphics to be right, the podcast available to be ready, website links ready, topics for weeks. Well, I got some of that complete. 

I used Anchor to record my podcast and although you can speak directly into the computer to record, I did buy this mic from Amazon. It has a USB cord, that I plugged directly into my laptop. I sat on my closet floor (because it had the best sound acoustics) and recorded. I then had to teach myself how to edit. However, because I’ve edited so many videos, I caught on quickly. 

Just like when I started my blog 10 years ago, I had no idea how my life would be enhanced by all the amazing opportunities God had in store. I’m looking forward to starting this new journey, and I welcome the surprises. 

Check out my podcast, Dream Girl, Dream!
I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas for show topics going forward. 




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