5 Must See #DontRushChallenge Videos (Including Mine)


Honestly, I do not know how many views equal to a viral video but my friends told me I went viral with my #DontRushChallenge video, so I’m going with it.

If you’re on Facebook or IG, you should’ve at least seen one #dontrushchallenge video by now. They are everywhere. At the time, I saw about 4 or 5 and knew I wanted to do one. At first I waited for someone to ask me to be in theirs, but that didn’t happen. 

Sooooo, I created my own. There are so many different themes and that’s what make them all so interesting. I’ve seen people do make-up changes, hair changes, families, etc. 

We dedicated our #dontrushchallenge to women and moms 40 plus. We wanted to let them know that they are still a snack. They are still desirable. Basically, we still got it. Period. 

I posted this Sunday night and by Tuesday at 7pm (4/7/2020) we are over 6K views on FB and 2.8K on IG. We could be higher by the time you read this. 

*Update, we’re at 28K (4/24/2020)

Check out our video HERE or Click the picture :

The amazing ladies who collaborated with me in our video:

Tosha Devon 
Christine St.Vil 
Brandi Riley
Tomiko Harvey 
Lisa Leslie-Williams 
Elisha Wilson Beach 
Latoyia Dean-Dennis 
Nadia Policard

5 Must See #Don’tRushChallenge Videos

Now I can’t put them all here, but here are 5 that stuck out to over the last few days. They are all so creative and captivating!  

Natural Hair Edition

Doctors Edition

Creative Soul Kids Version

10 of America’s Most Wanted (Hair Care Brands)

Supermom Culture

I hope you enjoyed these videos! Which are your favorite ones? 



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