I Found My Tribe, Literally Through

It’s no secret that many of us who are of African American descent can’t trace our lineage back past slavery. If you’re like me, a big part of you might have always wanted to know. 

Personally, I don’t know much about my family tree on either side. My grandmother was the youngest of 7. Her mom died when she was 2 and her father died when she was 4. She has no real remembrance of her parents, while being raised by her sisters. My grandmother (my mother’s mom) always told me that her mom was of Native American descent but didn’t know the tribe. So of course, I would walk around saying, “I got Indian in my family!” That is until I took an African Ancestry test. 

What’s different about African Ancestry? 

  • They were the pioneers of DNA testing for African Americans. They’ve been in business for 16+ years. 
  • Identifies the African country of origin.
  • Identifies the specific African Ethnic group.
  • The largest database of African lineages. 33,000!
  • They DESTROY not SELL your DNA (like the other companies do!)
  • 100% Black Owned with Black Scientist. 

When I tell you I was excited to learn that I would get to take this test! I couldn’t even put my excitement into words. They day I found out, I just ran around the house shouting where I’m from! I know my husband was getting tired of me, but I was so excited. 

I have two videos to share about my process:

1. Here’s the video of me explaining what the test is, how it works, the cost and actually taking the test in preparation to send it off.


2. This video is the actual reveal of my tribe and country of origin. It’s 22 minutes, and I get to do the reveal with the OWNER of African Ancestry, Gina Paige. You can jump to minute 8:40 for the actual reveal. 

If you want to get your own test, use code: BERNETTA for 10% off (which includes 2 certificates for 2 other family members) until June 30th.

Question, once you heard which tribe I’m from – didn’t it make you want to know more about where you’re people are from? Have you taken this test or something similar?

Get more information on how to take a test, the two different types of kits (Maternal & Paternal) which cost $299 on



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