DreamChat: Single Motherhood of 4 & Following My Dream

I get the pleasure of conducting weekly interviews on Instagram Live with amazing mothers who are making their dreams happen while raising their children. These women are not waiting for their children to graduate high school or college, they are taking steps towards their personal happiness now.

Today, I interviewed Nakisha Wynn. Nakisha is a Family Lifestyle Influencer, Youtuber and Founder of the Single Mom Success Tour. She helps moms create an extra income from home and pursue the life they really want. Through her work, she has empowered many women on how to pursue their dreams in and outside of motherhood. She has become the voice of single parenting, telecommuting, and money after marriage. She is a mother of a 4 and proud Florida native. 

What is DreamChats? They are 15-20 minutes chats with moms who are following their dreams. During our chats, these moms share their stories and tips on how they make “life” happen. 

*The video starts off blurry, but quickly clears up**

I’d love to know your thoughts on this DreamChat! These interviews are every Wednesday at 1pm ET on my Instagram page, @BernettaStyle

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