My 2018 Year in Review (Heavy in Pictures)

Time waits for no one and once again another year has come and gone. As I look back on everything I learned and experienced, I’m grateful.

Simply grateful.

When I look back through my pictures and remember all the things I was able to do this year, I’m still in shock.

Here are a few highlights of 2018:


  • Started the year turning 41
  • Did a TV Segment on Tampa Bay Good Morning with my former employer, Sparkle Skirts  
  • Bailee and I spoke at the Mommy & Me Dream Bigger Tour in Atlanta.


  • Black Panther Release 
  • Disney Social Media Moms Cruise 


  • Covered Disney Dreamers Academy in Orlando 
  • 1st Wine Tasting with my best friend
  • Covered Disney on Ice
  • Emory filmed a Disney Video. Don’t blink or you will miss him.


  • I spoke at Mom 2.0 Summit in LA. I had a blast too. LA holds a special place in my heart. 


  • Earl tore his Achilles – My husband was on crutches for 2 months! However, he handled his business the entire time. He’s self-employed and didn’t let this set back hold him back. 
  • Joined a Mastermind for Bailee’s Nail Box – This has been life changing for our business. 
  • Invited to visit Herndon Home – The first African American Millionaire in Atlanta. I lived in Atlanta for 17 years and never knew this gem of American History was right under my nose. Please visit this place if you’re ever in Atlanta. 
  • Previewed Disney’s H20 Night
  • Partnered with NBC for the Marlon Season 2 Premiere – Interviewed Essence Atkins via FB Live 


  • Walked in the 4th of July parade with our Chamber of Commerce
  • My oldest child turned 13 – my first teenager! Pray for me!
  • Started an amazing job with PwC. I love this company! LOVE THEM!
  • Joined a new church – Love First Christian Center


  • Bought our 1st Florida House – I haven’t written about our home yet because it was an experience that started out crazy but ended up perfect! I will share the story soon with updated pictures. We’ve since painted this house a new color too!
  • My youngest child started Kindergarten


  • I spoke at the Motivated Moms Retreat in Dallas. It was an amazing experience. 
  • Bailee’s Book Launch Ft. Lauderdale. My 11-year-old daughter is officially an author. 
  • Celebrated 15 years of marriage. 


  • The hubs and I visited Turks & Caicos Beaches Resort and attended Social Media on the Sand. I had so much fun with him and friends. I can’t wait to go back.
  • We parasailed for the first time. I’m glad we did it together because I had someone to hold on too.


  • We became a subscription box service – Bailee’s Nail Box
  • My husband and I were both speakers at our children’s school for The Great American Teach-in


  • My first Christmas party w/ PwC – Epic

We also had a great first Christmas in our new home. 

2019 Plans?

I don’t have any resolutions. 

I’m claiming that 2019 will be an amazing year from the start. This will be the year that I make ME smile. I will grow on purpose.

I’d love to be happy in every area of my life, be the fittest, wealthiest, more successful I’ve been to date, speak Spanish fluently and travel to more cities/countries than previous years. 

Here’s to a new year! 




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