(Video) 5 Mother Daughter Dates that will Enhance Your Relationship

Mother Daughter event

A few weeks ago my daughter and I were given a cool opportunity to take over the Black and Married with Kids Facebook page. We were able to give 5 Mother Daughter Dates that will Enhance your Relationship. We were so nervous (well, really it was just me). Their Facebook page has 531k fans and I didn’t want to mess up.

I couldn’t sleep for the entire week before we went live on their channel. Replaying our topic was a constant thought in my mind and how our video would go over on their audience.

Welp! The day came and we rocked it out! My husband was watching me from Atlanta and called me right afterward and said, “Babe! You two did great! This might have been the best FB Live you two have done together!” That’s all I needed to hear (at that moment). 

Check out our FB Live video below to hear all of the tips. 

5 Mother Daughter Dates that will Enhance your Relationship

5. Become a tourist in your own city
4. Volunteer
3. Learn a new language
2. Exercise together
1. Check out the video!!! We go deeper into the topics more in the video.

What are some other great mother-daughter dates that you can add to the list?



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