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Who doesn’t love a good time in LA? Last week I got to enjoy an amazing time at Mom2.0 Summit in Pasadena, California for the 10th anniversary of Mom2.0. It’s a conference for mom influencers and entrepreneurs who are ready to live their best life.

Last year was my first time attending and speaking at the conference in Orlando at the Ritz Carlton. I was blown away by how beautiful this location was, how many brands were there to interact with us, the swag bags, and the overall experience last year. Surely it could not be topped this year. Surely, I was WRONG!

The only difference is that this year, it was in LA. Living in Tampa, it’s only a 45-minute drive to Orlando so we go there often. However, L.A. was a 5-hour flight!

Quick Story

My plane arrived in L.A. at 11:00 pm. After I retrieved my luggage and decided on whether I wanted an Uber or a Lyft, it was 11:25 pm. I texted the friend that I was staying with that I was officially headed to her house. She responded with 3 emojis meaning, ‘ok cool!”

After I arrive at her apartment building, which is downtown L.A., right around 11:59 pm. I text her that I’m here.

No reply.

A guy that happens to be moving into her building (at midnight) lets me in. After heading up to the 14th floor, I don’t see her door # and head back downstairs. The guy then tells me that I’m on the wrong side of the building and tells me how to get to the other side.

I make it to the other side of this huge building and the entry door is locked. I called my friend. No answer. I send another text. No answer. I call back. No answer.

It’s dark. 

It’s after midnight.
It’s cold outside.

My friend is not texting me back.

I have to use the restroom.

I fear that I will be sleeping on the streets of L.A. tonight!

After 45 minutes of wondering what my life will look like over the next 7 hours outside in the L.A. cold. I find my way to the front of the building and see a security officer. I tell them my issue and ask them to let me into the side of my friend’s apartment, as I’m confident that if I BANG ON HER DOOR she will open it.

As I’m riding up the elevator to the 14th floor, my phone rings. It’s my friend. She fell asleep.

I wasn’t even be mad, because I was just grateful she woke up and remembered me. What if she woke up the next morning!

Mom 2.0 Pasadena

Mom 2.0 is usually a 3-day conference, unfortunately, because I have mommy obligations I only stayed for the 1st two days (Wed & Thursday) this time.

Langham HuntingtonOn Wednesday, I arrived at the Langham Huntington hotel in wonderment. This hotel was gorgeous. I can see why it was $500 a night, just sayin’. After I registered for the conference, I caught up with my panel members to get ready for presentation.

I spoke on Career Manifestation: Your Vision, Your Plan, Next Steps with Brandi Riley, Amiryah Martin, and Michelle Garrett. We each touched on a different part of manifestation.

brandi riley, amiryah martin, bernettastyle, mom2Brandi – The BERG Method
Michelle – Manifestation Blocks
Amiryah – How to plan for Manifestation
Bernetta – Manifesting beyond the blog

Mom2.0 Manifesationmom 2 presentationOur session was packed and that made me feel good. We got such a positive response on our session afterward that it made me feel giddy about something I’ve been wanting to do in the area of manifestation over the next year.

My Conference Highlights

Debbie Allen was a guest this year and her story was inspiring. I loved hearing about her childhood, her mother being her HERO (who is still alive at 94), her story and rise to where she is today. She also shared how she removes negative energy and had us all yelling, “Be Gone! Be Gone! Be Gone!” I didn’t get to personally meet her, but it’s always possible. It was a great surprise that I did get to see her star on the Hollywood walk of fame on this trip.

Debbie Allen Mom2.0I also won a Google Mini in the Best Buy suite! Thanks, GOOGLE!! Thanks, Best Buy!!

Sessions I Attended

  • Opening Keynote
  • How to go from Blogger to TV Correspondent
  • How to grow your Instagram
  • How to monetize your Facebook Lives
  • How to tell your story

My only regret is that I didn’t get to visit the Dove Beauty Bar. I tried, but they were closing and wouldn’t let me take a peek. Even after begging, “Ma’am please, I won’t be here tomorrow! Can I just look inside?” – NO.

I heard Dove outdid themselves this year. 

My favorite part was seeing my internet friends in real life, meeting new friends and making great connections. I shared my non-profit, The Knighten Project, with a few people that want to help me with my current campaignWould I attend Mom 2.0 again? Yes. Actually, it’s about the only blog conference I would attend now. Mentally, I’m in a different space when it comes to blogging so not only was this a great recharge, it’s also a great resource for new and OG bloggers like myself.

Heads up, it’s going to be in Austin, Texas next year. I think I’m going to pitch to speak again!


Visiting Hollywood was a bonus for me. Since I was staying with my friend and her hubby in LA, I saved some money because they weren’t charging me anything. But honestly, what I saved, I racked up in Lyft charges.

My last night there, I skipped the Cabana Party at the conference and took my friends out to dinner as a thank you. We went to Hollywood!

The last time I went to LA, she took me to Beverly Hills and I got to walk down Rodeo Drive. This trip, it was the Hollywood Blvd. I walked right in front of the Jimmy Kimmel Studios, The Chinese Theatre, The Dolby Theatre where they have the Oscars, and saw so many famous people I recognize on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We actually ate dinner in the Dolby theatre plaza.

I learned that Muhamad Ali is the only person that has a star that’s not on the ground! The name Muhammad is holy and it shall not be walked on! I respect this.

Michael Jackson Hollywood starI learned that Donald Trump’s star has been defamed so much, at one point they had a guard standing by it 24 hours a day. To say I was on cloud 9 when I saw Michael Jackson’s star is an understatement and I couldn’t ask for a better celebrity star to see that the King of Pop.

Visiting L.A. was a full circle moment for me. The last time I was in LA, I attended a boot camp on how to speak and be a host. Now, years later I’m back speaking at one of the best conferences for women in my industry.

I Would Never

Kudos to everyone living that L.A. life, but I could not see myself living there. Maybe if I were in my 20s, but not now. However, I would visit all the time if given the opportunity. Also, L.A. traffic is not exaggerated, it’s crazy. Also, the older I get, the less I would like to live life in a touristy town.

Florida is touristy enough! I’d move out of Florida if the right opportunity presented itself. I’m not quite sure where I would go.

Have you ever been to L.A? If you could move to another state, where would you move? Have you ever attended Mom 2.0? What was your experience?



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  • terrihugg
    May 7, 2018 at 7:46 pm

    I’ve been stalking Instagram all weekend in awe of all the great Mom 2.0 photos. I really wish I could have gone. Hopefully, I’ll make it next year. The sessions sounded great!

  • Iman
    May 7, 2018 at 10:32 pm

    Wow, when is the next one? I would love to attend an event like this!

  • Kita
    May 8, 2018 at 3:12 pm

    I am still mad at myself for not coming to Mom 2 this year. I will be there for sure next year. Looks like your session went really well.

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