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One Big Reason Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad is a Big Deal

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Disney World? 

Is it Space Mountain?

The Magic Kingdom?

Stars Wars?

Marvel characters?


Or is it Mickey and Minnie? Disney has so many memorable aspects that come to mind, that it’s hard to choose just one. However, they are about to make it easy to not only think if Mickey and Minnie first, but they’re creating a new experience that will make you look at rides differently.

One of the benefits of attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration is being able to find out what’s coming down the Disney pipeline. We get to see sneak peeks of new movies, attractions and special perks for their customers. 

We were all surprised to learn that although Disney is all about the MOUSE, they didn’t have a Mickey and Minnie themed ride! Well, that is until now! 

Why is Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railroad is a Big Deal?

In 2019, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Inspired by Mickie Shorts on the Disney Channel, this is the 1st Mickey & Minnie themed ride-through attraction.

If you know anything about Disney, they do not do anything half-way. They have partnered with the animators from Disney TV animators to bring the 2 1/2 D (not quite 3D, no glasses needed) technology! 

How does Mickie and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad work?

The attraction starts out with us watching a quick short film, as Mickie and Minnie prepare to go on a picnic. As they are leaving, Mickey and Minne start riding along a train and learn that Goofy is the train conductor. 

That’s when we (as the riders) are invited to get on this train for a truly magical experience. How is it magical? You actually step into a Mickie and Minnie Cartoon Short. That’s where that 2 1/2D technology which defies logic (their words) kicks in. You become the star and anything could happen. 

Check out all the buzz about this new ride/attraction:

They turn what looks like a flat world into a cartoon world right in front of your eyes. I personally can’t wait to experience this ride. If this ride is anything like Pandora, I can see long wait times in the near future. 

Disney has even created their own theme song for this ride, along with new outfits for Mickey & Minnie. One thing to remember is no matter how many characters Disney creates or movies Disney makes, it’s always about The Mouse!

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