Our 1st Florida Disney On Ice: Reach for the Stars Experience


After a long week of working and taking the kids to their sports practices, I think we all needed a cool entertainment break. 

Last week I was given the opportunity to take my family to Disney on Ice: Reach for the Stars in Tampa, at the Amalie Arena. This was our first time attending Disney on Ice in Florida, and since I didn’t make this event a surprise, the kids were ready all week. 

Disney on Ice _ TampaThe show started out with Mickey, Minne, Donald, Pluto and an upbeat cast skating around making us excited about what’s next. The show then opened with the Little Mermaid, followed by Tangled.

After intermission, we fell in love with Beauty and the Beast all over again, before we all ‘Let it Go!’ with an excellent rendition of Frozen.

If you’ve seen any of these movies, you already know that they are pretty lengthy. Well, they take the main parts of the movie and re-create the story for you in about a 20-minute performance.

So if you’re like me and have never seen the Little Mermaid or Tangled, you quickly learned what the story was fully about and experienced the range of emotions that came with it. 

Our only wish would have been to see Princess Tiana on that stage. We imagine seeing the Princess and the Frog on Ice would have been an amazing show as well.

My personal favorite performance of the night was Frozen. Honestly, it’s probably because that’s the only real movie I saw out of the four-stage shows. I’ve never saw the original cartoon version of Beauty & the Beast, however, I did see the most recent version that came out last year. 

When Frozen came on, I was ready to sing! I was just ready to sing! As a matter of fact, we all sang. Except for my husband.

Check out a quick clip of what we were able to experience:

“Disney On Ice brings your favorite Disney stories to life by mixing the magic of Disney characters with the artistry of ice skating to create an unforgettable experience. Disney
On Ice travels to more than 60 countries; over 1,200 performances annually in North America creating magical moments for 5 million+ guests.

We gave it two thumbs up and if it comes to your city, it’s worth checking out. Check to see if your city is next on the line up here



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