9 Must Haves When Packing for a Disney Trip #WaltDisneyWednesdays #DisneySMMC

Disney Animal Kingdom

“Mom, who is this suitcase for?” asked my super inquisitive daughter!
“Me!” as I try to answer quickly while moving the gifted American Tourister suitcase to another room and change the subject. That seems to work for a while, until she notices five different colored magic bands. This brings more questions. 


I couldn’t play the games anymore. I decided to spill the beans and share that we are going to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration! Although it was my family’s third time being invited to this amazing event, my kids squealed like it was their first time. 

We all couldn’t wait to go back to Disney World!

DisneyWondering what to pack for Disney? With so many moving parts to get to Disney and enjoy our stay, we’ve learned a few things when preparing for an extended Disney stay as a big family. 

The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration included a 3-day stay at the Coronado Resort and 3-day cruise aboard the Disney Dream Cruise Line. That’s about a 6-7 day trip depending on if you extend your vacation.

Start packing early. When you’re a big family like mine, there are many moving parts. It’s best to plan what you want to take so that you’re not rushing the day before your trip and possibly forget things. Packing early allows us to make sure all the basics items are always covered. 

PhotoPass_Visiting_STUDIO_4089776365569 Must Haves When Packing for a Disney Trip 


When you’re at Disney, you’re in an amazing experience of fun, and fantasy that’s far far far away from your car! If you forget something, you can’t just run back and get it. Instead of a purse, we bring a family backpack to carry at the park. In our backpack, we have the main necessities so everyone doesn’t have to carry a bag. 


My youngest is 5 and we would be up a huge creek if we didn’t bring him a stroller. Most of the day, he can hang with us as we explore the park but when he gets tired, it’s there for him. Disney is a huge park, and if you don’t want to carry a toddler around for half of your trip – a stroller will be your best friend. Disney is so prepared for parents with strollers that every ride has a designated area just for your strollers. 

#DisneySMMCA Great Pair of Walking Shoes

Disney World is not the place for the cutest heels, wedges or flip flops! Wear walking shoes. You don’t even realize how much you are walking until your both of your legs cramp up at the same time like me. I must admit that I wore boots to Disney World on the day that happened. Shoes that make your feet feel like they’re walking on clouds will give you the best experience. 


It’s always your desire to walk around Disney on a nice sunny day. Well, in Florida that means a sunny HOT day. I love that Disney allows you to bring in water (make it a refillable water bottle) to keep you hydrated and save you money. Nomader makes a great collapsable one that could fit in your backpack when you’re not using it. 


Who doesn’t love a plate of french fries? However, an apple, nuts or an energy bar is a healthier option. Disney World allows you to bring in your own snacks. With a family of five, that’s saving us the cost of a couple of meals. 

Sunscreen & Shades

Bring a nice hat & shades to protect yourself from the sun. When you get on rides, you can stick it in your backpack or stroller. The sunscreen also protects you from a long day in the sun. 

Plastic Bag

With our phones being attached to our hips, we would hate to lose them forever on a 45-second water ride. Bring a plastic bag to store your phone in so it doesn’t get wet. Voxkin has an affordable one on Amazon


A charger will come in handy if you’re like me and take 100 pictures before the day is over. Nowadays chargers are small and fit in a small pocket of your purse or bag. 


Depending on the time of year, we have sporadic rain showers for days at a time here in Florida. Having a poncho (or a few) will save you space in your bag and money because you don’t have to buy one at the Disney Parks. 

20180221_090135Visiting Walt Disney World is an experience families plan for all year. The experience can be even more amazing if you’re prepared and you’ll truly enjoy the happiest place on earth. 

Check out my friends for #WaltDisneyWednesdays which share more amazing content on how to best prepare for a great experience at Walt Disney World. 

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