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Look As Good As You Feel, Feel As Good As You Look

Is there one clothing item that you love to wear? When you put it on, you feel amazing? 

That is how I feel about dresses. I love to wear them. Whether I am wearing a casual dress to run around with my children or a fancy dress for a girls night out, a great dress makes me feel “good”.

One thing that makes a dress perfect is the fit. I like my dresses to fit like they were made just for me. Over the last 2 years, I’ve enjoyed working with eShakti because they actually customize every dress based on your personal preference. So in essence, you and I could have the same dress but order it completely different. 

Recently, I ordered a cute denim dress from eShakti

The quality of this dress is great. The fabric is not heavy, and flows with ease. My dress also has pockets! Who doesn’t like pockets?

eshaktiWhat’s new with eShakti?

INTRODUCING a revolutionary feature that is a dream-come-true for customers! 

Now, mix and match fabrics and designs. For instance, if you like the fabric in one product and want to apply it to another silhouette, you got it! This means your selections multiply hundreds of times and you can get something that is uniquely you!

Add custom sizes and styles, and pockets, and the customer can be sure of getting something that makes her look her best.

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eShakti prides itself on making Real Fashion for Real People. If you follow that hashtag (#RealFashionForRealPeople) on social media you will see beautiful everyday women rocking these dresses and feeling as good as they look!

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