Introducing BernettaKnighten.ME


This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Over the course of the last year, I’ve worked with Domain.ME to create a space for me that houses everything I do.

Sometimes, I’ve honestly felt I was:

  1. All over the place
  2. Had too many things going on.

As time went on, I had to give myself a pep talk because I can’t beat myself down because I have so many of ideas. As a matter of fact, I am grateful that the ideas come to me and that I’ve been able to execute many of them. 

Domain.ME has allowed me to put all of my endeavors in one place. I introduce to you BernettaKnighten.Me (click)


Why does it work?

In my industry, I attend a lot events. 

  • Blog conferences
  • Entrepreneur conferences
  • Summits
  • Business sessions & more

When you meet people, everyone wants to know what you do. Sometimes it’s hard actually to decide what to say, or how much to say. With my new hub, I can actually tell them about me but give them the link to BernettaKnighten.Me that gives more insight into each area. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.44.43 AMHub Benefits

One major way my Domain.ME hub benefits me is, that it has allowed me to be seen in more than one light. To many I’m just a blogger, and while I love the life that blogging has given me, I am more than a blogger. 

My hub introduces my audience to the other things that bring passion to my life outside of This hub gives the highlights of everything I do, and gives you a well rounded view of who I am.

  • The Knighten Project
  • Speaking engagements
  • My Dream Year Planner

Why would you want a hub? Who is a Hub perfect for?

  1. Do you have more than one website?
  2. Do you have more than one business?
  3. Do you have more than one passion?
  4. Are you tired of handing out 3-4 business cards?
  5. Do you want people to know eveyrthing you do, but don’t have all the time to explain it all?

A hub would be perfect for you. It will encompass all your endeavors in one place giving your prospects a total view of who you are and what you can bring to the table. If you have multiple interest, businesses, community involvement or personal projects, a HUB could showcase them all in a well-designed format.

Did you notice my new hub was a .ME and not a .com?

What is Domain.ME and why use a .ME address?

  • Domain.ME is a domain name provider that allows anyone (personal and/or business) to create a unique, safe identity online with a domain ending in .ME. They operate as a B2B, which means that people can register a domain name through one of 190 accredited registrars that operate as .ME resellers.
  • ME is not a website nor a website builder.
  • .ME is uniquely positioned to provide you with the space you need to build your personal brand and create a captivating online persona that’s a direct reflection of you. .ME domains are great for personal websites, such as blogs, online portfolios, or aliases for social network profiles.
  • .ME domain names are also very popular among the global startup scene for the many meanings .ME carries and the opportunity to get a short, highly-branded, and memorable domain name with a personal feel to it.
  • There are no restrictions on .ME domain name registrations, registration for these domain names is open to anyone, similar to .COM, .NET, or .ORG.
  • .MEs are not penalized when it comes to SEO. They have the same benefits as any .COM.

Here are some examples of personal branding online hubs:

What are you honest thoughts about my new hub? How would you use a personal hub?



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  • Ty
    September 25, 2017 at 10:59 am

    U have never heard of this but after looking at you page, I think that it an awesome way to condense who you are and what you do for someone. It reminds me of a media kit but better. Nice job!

  • terrihugg
    September 26, 2017 at 10:26 am

    This whole idea is news to me. Your page looks great. And it’s perfect timing because I was literally just looking into revamping my site.

  • Kita
    September 26, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    You know I am super excited for you. Let me go over to your and check you out. Go girl.