My Steve Harvey Talk Show Debut with The Knighten Project

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In 2015, I volunteered to do social media at Steve Harvey’s Act Like a Success conference in Virginia (DC area). It was amazing. I thought I would get to meet him, take a picture with him – and maybe engage in small talk since I was volunteering. 


I didn’t meet him or even get close to him. He flew out to his Disney Dreamers event shortly after he left the stage. That was the first time I had heard of Disney Dreamers and knew one day as I blogger, I would want to attend. 

Fast forward 4 months to July 2015, I interviewed Steve Harvey for Coca-Cola as he was the ambassador for their Pay it Forward Academy. It’s funny because the morning I received the email asking me if I wanted to interview him, I had decided to stop blogging!

I guess that was my sign to keep moving forward. He dropped so many nuggets during our interview and it was a day I will never forget. 


Check out the post and full interview here.

In 2016, I actually was given the opportunity to work (got paid this time) at his Act Like a Success Conference in Atlanta. I did social media again but was also given behind the scenes access to his VIP breakfast. Again, he dropped nuggets to all that attended. One thing I love about Steve is that he genuinely wants people to succeed and if you sit and listen to him, he will give you the tools to do so. 

So, 2017 rolls around and I’m invited to cover Steve Harvey’s 10th Annual Disney Dreamers Academy at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This event is for 100 deserving teenagers ranging from 13-18. Although this event is for teenagers, you can’t help but leave motivated to follow your dreams. I didn’t get to talk to Mr. Harvey at this event at all, but a chance encounter with a friend and a conversation about The Knighten Project lead me to being a guest on his show 2 weeks later. 

In March, I was flown to Chicago to be a guest for his Just One More Thing Segment. I was able to share why I started The Knighten Project and give some examples of the things I’ve done. To my surprise, Steve Harvey handed me a $5000 check to continue my dream of making other people’s dream come true. 

This too is a day and experience I will never forget. Although we taped in March, the show is airing now (July) and I couldn’t wait to share the good news with my friends and family. 

My husband and I are also going through newly submitted dreams and deciding how we can make the best impact on people’s lives. 

A fun fact:  I did have “Work with Steve Harvey” on my vision board. However, I could not have imagined my path when it came to crossing with Steve Harvey and his team in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have experienced these opportunities.

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