5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Physical Trainer to Reach Your Fitness Goals


It’s easy to say I am going to workout today, or go for a run just because. However, if you have body goals, you’re going to need more than just a casual workout. For years I was the type that worked out with videos. I was the Zumba video queen. I’ve also did Insanity, P90x, Tae-boo, Jillian Michaels & Fitness Blender all in the comfort of my own home. 

While I always seems to appear fit or nice in my clothes, I wasn’t 100% happy with my body because I knew it wasn’t where I knew I could be. I guess my husband either got tired of my sulking or wanted to put a huge smile on my face – either way it worked. He got me a physical trainer. 

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For four months, I worked out with a physical trainer and it was “body changing”. The entire time I thought, “Why did I wait so long to work with a trainer?” When you use a trainer the chances of you reaching those goals improves dramatically. 


5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Physical Trainer to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Smart Individual Strategy 

Like most people in the gym (or at home like me) they have no clue what their body needs when it comes to strength training, cardio or nutrition. You usually do the same exercises at the same weight for months and wonder why you haven’t seen major results. A personal trainer can discuss your body goals and based on their education, training and expertise can craft a personalized workout just for you.

Smart Food Choices 

An excellent trainer will share with you that working out is 80% eating and 20% exercise. They should be able to teach you what foods to eat and your personal nutritional need; calories, protein, carbohydrate, and fat grams. My trainer actually told me I wasn’t reaching my goals because I wasn’t eating right! I wasn’t eating enough protein to build muscle, although I thought because I was lifting weights I should see results. 


The number one reason people don’t exercise is, they claim they don’t have time. When you hire a trainer you are accountable not only to yourself but also that person. Meeting with a trainer locks you into a pre-scheduled training slot and when you are paying your hard earned money,  you’re not going to skip that appointment. Accountability can help force you into managing your time better, so you don’t miss a day. You may even start to look forward to time with your trainer. I actually got to a point where I didn’t want to let my trainer down and got excited when he said he was seeing improvement. 

Correct Exercises

Do you know how many people do a squat wrong? Do you know how many people hold their behind in the air too high when holding a plank? If you’re performing your exercises wrong, you’re not getting the maximum benefit of the exercise. Therefore, you’re not getting closer to your fitness goals. A trainer will show you exactly how to hold a position, weight or movement so that you actually feel it where you need to the most.  


Being motivated on days you feel less than great can be hard.  Also, staying motivated consistently over the course of months or a long period of time can be almost impossible. A good trainer will assist you in staying motivated. Great personal trainers are able to tap into their clients mental and emotional needs much like a psychologist. I noticed when I worked with a trainer and heard, “Come on B, give me two more! I know you have 2 more in you!” I gave him 2 more. If he wasn’t pushing me, I probably would have stopped. 


Where Can You Find a Trainer?

Earlier I told you that I was the work from home queen. Well, when I moved to Florida I took the plunge and joined a gym. I joined Youfit because of a few reasons:

  1. $10 a month without a monthly contract.
  2. The ability to upgrade the membership and visit any YouFit 
  3. Amazing classes that I’d never heard of before and now I can’t stay away from! My favorite one is Body Pump btw.
  4. Physical Trainers

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One thing that I like about Youfit is that when you join, you get to meet with a physical trainer for a fitness assessment and sample workout. YouCoach personal trainers are available at all Youfit Clubs.

If I am honest with you, the last few times I went to workout I would watch the Youfit trainers with other members and try to do a similar workout. Unfortunately, because I wasn’t working with that trainer, I wasn’t benefiting fully from my copy cat workout.

GUESS WHAT! I started working with a YOUFIT TRAINER! After my first session, I left sore but excited. We worked out for 30 minutes and did a warmup, 2 circuits and a cool down. 

My trainer gave me her full attention during our session, she was 100% attentive and shared why were doing these exercises and pushed me to do my best. I left with a confirmation that trainer life is the life I want! 

Update: I am no longer a member of YouFit. We are now members of our local YMCA. We switched because the YMCA is more family friendly and our children go to the gym with us when we work out. We got a great deal to join for a family of 5 and we use their services weekly. 



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