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Cars 3 Tampa Event Recap and 6 Tips For Girls to Find Their Own Path To Finishing The Race

Cars 3

Have you or your children seen Cars 1 or 2? My children have and are on pins and needles for Cars 3. When I told them I was going to a local event here in Tampa for Cars 3, they screamed with joy until the big let down, “You’re not going!” 


I had to let them know that the event was during school hours, but I am not seeing the actual movie. That bit of information made them feel better, because they just really care about the movie. 

My husband and I used the opportunity as a day date and went to see what we can look forward to in Cars 3 that comes to theaters June 16th. 

Here’s a little snippet of our day at the Tampa Cars 3 Event:

One great addition to the Cars 3 movie is Cruz Ramirez. Cruz is the young race technician who helps Lightning McQueen get back in the race. She uses her creativity and innovation to challenge McQueen to reinvent himself.

In a roundup of other female firsts, below please find tips for girls to find their own path to finishing the race:

  • Tia Norfleet. The first black female NASCAR driver. When she was seven, Norfleet’s father, NASCAR driver Bobby Norfleet doubled the battery power of her Hot Wheels Barbie car to increase its speed and the rest is history!
  • Nancy Abu-Bonsrah Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s first neurosurgeon resident. In Johns Hopkins School of Medicine neurosurgical department’s 30 years of existence, there has never been a black woman in the program. The program only accepts two to five residents a year, so this is a major accomplishment.
  • Marley Dias. Marley Dias is the 12-year-old who founded #100BlackGirlBooks in 2016, a campaign to collect 1,000 books that have black protagonists. Her campaign far exceeded her goal, with over 4,000 books. This year, she landed her own book deal with widely acclaimed book publisher, Scholastic.
  • Viola Davis .First black women to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony award for acting. This Julliard trained actress is one award away from achieving EGOT status (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy), in which she would need a Grammy award to complete the quartet. If she achieves this status she will join the ranks of other renowned figures in Hollywood, including Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Rachel Lindsay. The first black female lead on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” She graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management and Marquette University for her JD. She practices insurance law in Dallas, Texas.
  • Mary-Pat Hector. A 19-year-old political science and comparative woman’s studies major at Spelman College who is running for City Council in Georgia. She has admirable and impressive experience in community organizing. Most recently, she served as the national youth director for the National Action Network which offered her the opportunity to meet former President Obama, and other leaders to social justice initiatives. She also made her mark in national politics as a youth leader for Hilary for America’s Millennial Victory Council.


6 Tips For Girls To Find Their Own Path To Finishing The Race

  1. Find your own path – Your life is your own to control and navigate. Map out your dreams and go for it. 
  2. Use adversity as motivation – Just because everyone is going in one direction, doesn’t mean it’s the right direction for you. It’s ok to be different or the opposite of main stream. Let it fuel your fire to be the first. 
  3. Be true to you – When you are true to yourself, you will be the happiest. 
  4. If at first you don’t succeed, try again – Failure at one thing, doesn’t mean stop. It means, do it again but better next time. Learn the lesson, so you don’t repeat it. 
  5. Believe in yourself – There are times when people just won’t agree, support on be happy for you and your choices. Believe in what’s in your gut. Believe in what’s in your heart! It matters.
  6. Know that every “no” is only a “not now”—in other words, don’t take no for an answer! No is not permanent. No can mean, not today or tomorrow but maybe next year! Don’t let any NO stop you from moving forward. 

Cars 3 opens June 16th and take your children to see how Lightning McQueen has to shift somethings in order to still stand out. There are great lessons in this movie and I can’t wait to discuss them with my children. 



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