What Happens When You Start Dreaming at 13

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Growing up, I had great teachers. I will always remember my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Willis. He was a no non-sense man that demanded respect. My track coach, Finny, was the same way. 

No matter how great or memorable my teachers were, unfortunately they didn’t prepare me to dream. Meaning, all of their guidance got me through my season with them, and I still use principles I learned from them today. 

However, there were no programs when I grew up that promoted how important it is to follow your dreams young. Disney Dreamers accepts 100 high school (teens) students ages 13-19 every year to set a foundation that dreaming early is very important. 

Oh if only these types of opportunities were around in 19XX!

When you dream early, here’s what could happen:

  1. Reach your goals faster. When you start going after your dream early, you have less responsibilities (spouse, children). You can reach your goals early because you can focus solely on that. 
  2. Possible to have multiple dreams come true. Oprah says, when you make one dream come true, dream another dream. When one thing great happens, it becomes infectious and you want to keep working toward more goals. 
  3. Motivate and inspire others. If people see you do it, they believe they can. Sometimes people need to see it to believe it. When people see family members and friends pursuing their desires, they have tangible evidence that it’s possible. 
  4. You also prove to yourself that anything is possible. Less regrets, less roadblocks. 

Why Should Your Teen Apply for Disney Dreamers Academy?

The purpose of the Disney Dreamers Academy is to help unlock the potential in young people and enable them to imagine their futures anew through inspirational leaders who show how to set goals, make plans and dream big.

Disney Dreamers Academy Aims to:

  • Inspire students through immersive and inspirational guest speakers
  • Introduce a world of possibilities in a variety of interactive career sessions, ranging from animation, journalism, entertainment and entrepreneurship to culinary arts, medicine and zoology
  • Prepare students for the future through developing skills such as networking and interviewing

I’m looking forward to meeting some of these movers and shakers this week as I spend 3 days at the 10th Disney Dreamers Academy at Walk Disney World. This event is hosted yearly by Steve Harvey & Essence magazine.

Meet the Disney Dreamers Class of 2017 – Here

Of course 2017 is already here, but check out the details on how to apply for 2018 and what they are looking for. 


Psssst!! I will share a few things I know they are looking for:

Key Attributes:

  • Intellectually curious – Creative and quick-witted
  • Compassionate – Gives to others who need their assistance
  • Courageous – Overcomes obstacles, brave, spirited, survivor
  • Leader – The “go-to” person, pursues ideas with passion


  • Dreams about their future
  • Positive approach to life
  • Grateful and humble
  • Takes advantage of resources

I could only imagine what my life would look like today if I was involved in a program like this at a young age. I’m excited for this group of teens and what they are going to experience over the next 4 days. 

Please check on BernettaStyle over the next coming weeks as I share more about Disney Dreamers Academy and why they take dreaming young seriously.  



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