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Floating Mountains at Disney? Really! Pandora 2017

“Mommy, that was not here the last time we came!” as we getting off the Rock & Roll ride in Hollywood Studios.

“Disney is always changing things up, adding new features and attractions. That’s why people come back again and again!”

When I saw the movie Avatar in 2009, it was nothing like I have never seen. The visual effects were amazing. My children recently saw the movie late 2016 and as I sat and watch their reactions to different scenes, I enjoyed looking at it through fresh eyes.

When watching Avatar, did you ever see yourself walking through the beauty of Pandora? Colors so vibrant, beautiful flowers, flying dragons and of course floating mountains. It will be a reality for you this May. 

Last month, I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. During our visit, we learned about what’s new at Animal Kingdom for 2017. I remember during our social networking session, I walked past this amazing display. I quickly stopped and asked “What is this? Is this a new Disney World?” I promise it was that huge. 

It wasn’t a new Disney World park, but a new park addition. Disney presents Pandora: The World of Avatar

Whhhhaaaaaaatttt!! (Check out this video) 

Na’vi River Journey

Your exploration starts in the valley of Mo’ara. You actually don’t climb over the mountains but hike under them. You will also experience the Kaspavan River on a reed boad as you travel in the middle of the Mo’ara in the middle of Pandora and Na’vi culture. 

There are exotic glowing plants and animals you’ve never seen before. While riding on the boat, you’ll hear the Na’vi Shaman of Song that share the sacred bond between nature and ourselves. 

AVATAR Flight of Passage

Would you ride on the back of the mountain banshee? Do you remember that this amazing predator is on the most important and significant animals to the Na’vi? In the movie, flying on the banshee was a rite-of-passage and now, you will be able to experience the same thing. The flight of passage will take you through ancient stone arches, under floating mountains and over the lush landscape.



Pandora: The World of Avatar opens May 27, 2017. Get day ticket prices HERE. 

I already know this new experience will bring out thousands of families to experience this first hand. My family and I will be the first in line. This is going to be AMAZING! I can’t wait. 

Image sources: visitpandora.com





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