Why I’m Getting an Online Hub with Domain.Me


My first dip into the online world was 2010. I created a blog called WIFE (Why Isn’t Forever Easy). It was about married life and everything that we as married women go through. In 2012, I rebranded to On this site, I was still able to talk about marriage, but added motherhood and motivation pieces. Over the last 6 years, everything that I’ve been able to do both online and offline still blows my mind.

It all started with a blog.

Over the last few years, I’ve continued writing on my blog but have started

  • a T-shirt store (One Dream Tees),
  • a non-profit (,
  • became a certified life coach which has allowed me to speak around the country (,
  • I created my first product that is now sold on Amazon (My Dream Year Planner and more).

As you grow as a person and start to branch out, everything can’t be in one place. Although, I honestly believe I’ve done a great job creating other projects and keeping the message the same, “Follow Your Dreams! They are just that important!” – I could not just have one site (or one web presence).

That’s similar to buying a house with no rooms or walls. There would be no division between the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. You’d constantly have to tell your guest that this space is where I sleep or I eat here.

It’s funny because although I have different websites, interest and offerings – it becomes hard to share it all with someone when they say, “Tell me a little about yourself!” I feel like I need to read off a list.

The Online HUB

Remember when I mentioned having a house with no rooms or walls? Well, thanks to Domain.ME, I will now have a house with detailed room and wall dividers. Instead of telling people about my many different sites, they can get a glimpse of everything I do. I’ve gotten a sneak peak and it’s a well-designed HUB that showcases all of my major life projects. I simply love it.

On my Domain.ME Online Hub, I will highlight

  • My Blog (that started it all)
  • My Speaking Engagements
  • My Non-profit
  • My Product (Dream Year Planner)
  • Videos (I love a good how-to & interview)

I believe it will ultimately benefit me because people can get a glimpse of everything I have to offer without going to 5 different sites. Personally, across the board, my message is the same and now they will be able to see how, from a new perspective.

Who are Online HUBS good for?

When I started a blog 7 years ago, I had no idea I would meet so many people that desire to be their own boss. If you have multiple interest, businesses, community involvement or personal projects, a HUB could showcase them all in a well-designed format.

Did you know:

  • Domain.ME was created to provide you with the space you need to build your personal brand or an amazing online persona that is a true reflection of yourself. It’s a great marketing tool,
  • .ME domains are perfect for personal websites, blogs, businesses, online portfolios or social media profiles.
  • Domain.ME is uniquely positioned to provide you with the space you need to build your personal brand and create a captivating online persona that’s a direct reflection of you.

If you would, please come back for THE BIG REVEAL SOON. On the next post, I will be showcasing my new hub! A .ME domain name is THE choice if you are looking for a memorable way to represent yourself online.

Here are some examples of personal branding online hubs:


This post was inspired and sponsored by Domain.ME, the provider of the personal domains that end in .ME. As a company, they aim to promote thought leadership to the tech world. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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