5 African-American Child Entrepreneurs to Watch

Bailee's Nail Box

For many, owning your own business is the American Dream. 

It seems that entrepreneurs are becoming younger and making a positive impact on their community at the same time. The one thing I love about kidpreneurs (kid + entrepreneurs), is that their business usually stems from a strong passion. They start out by doing something they truly enjoy for themselves and then they desire to do it for others. 

Kudos to these young children for having a vision beyond their bedtime play area. Kudos to their parents who support them behind the scenes with the heavy lifting! 

Here are 5 African American Kidpreneurs who are following their passions & making money at the same time. 

1.  Ethan and Collier

This dynamic duo have created an online store that specializes in gluten-free gourmet caramel popcorn. Their parents had a desire to teach the two young brothers about entrepreneurship and business, and that’s when their love for old fashion popcorn turned into a successful business. 

They believe in the value of old fashioned popcorn, which means all orders are made by hand and freshly crafted with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup like most stores.

2. Madison Harrison

As a 10-year-old photographer, storyteller, entrepreneur and philanthropist Madison has learned how to bring some of her biggest dreams to life. Just a few months shy of her seventh birthday, Madison was inspired to start her very own photography business. 

In June 2016, one of Madison’s ultimate dreams came true when she was invited to attend the United State of Women summit hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. 

3. Bailee Knighten –  Bailee’s Nails Box

Bailee's Nail Box

When Bailee was 6 years old, she asked her mom for a nail stand. Similar to lemonade stand, she set it up in front of her house and would provide manicures for $5. 

Recently Bailee & her family moved to a new state and she didn’t have many friends yet. Bailee still wanted to make little girls smile with her nail designs. Together with her mother, they came up with Bailee’s Nail Box. It’s a great way for her to create fun designs for little girls everywhere.  

Bailee’s goal is to create memorable boxes filled with different tools with fun nail designs.

4. Jaylen Bledsoe –


Jaylen started his company, Bledsoe Technologies, LLC., at 12 years old, with $100. This technology consulting company grew to a $3.5 million IT company in a little over 2 years. As a teenager, Jaylen had 150 contractors working for him. Two of his major celebrities clients include Steve Harvey and Jordin Sparks. 

Bledsoe’s message: “Don’t let your setback, cause you to sit back, prepare for your comeback.”

5. Christopher Gray

I first saw Christopher on Shark Tank and immediately knew he was on to something great. Christopher “Million Dollar Scholar” Gray, grew up in Birmingham, Alabama won $1.3 million dollars in college scholarships after searching and applying on thousands of applications.

Scholly is a mobile app that gives students a fast and simple way to find scholarships for college. He created Scholly to help fix this system, enabling students and their families to more easily access free money for college that is looking for them. 

Scholly has been featured in USA Today, Tech Crunch, Fox29 News, and selected as one of Philadelphia’s Top 20 Coolest Start Ups.

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