Hello Fresh Kept Us Full & Healthy! $35 Off Your First Box

Hello Fresh

I recently moved to a new state. It’s totally different than moving to a new city within your same area. Moving to a new state brings a whole set of new challenges and adventures.

One of the challenges I faced moving to my new state was finding a place to shop for healthy food. Don’t get me wrong, Florida is full of fruit and veggie stands but I still need to know I am getting the best value for my money.

When I lived in Georgia, I had a system & my favorite stores. I knew where to shop for meat, produce & organic favorites. It’s like starting from scratch when you move.

In the meantime, my family still had to eat everyday and as parents, healthy eating for our children is a priority.

Until I get my new system in place and learn about what my area has to offer, we were able to try Hello Fresh! We enjoyed it so much, that we will probably continue to use them long after we learn our way around.

Hello Fresh delivers full meals to your door & you pick the recipes. Each week there are new recipes to choose from, so you can always cook something different. The recipes are curated by chefs with recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients.

Hello fresh

They have three plans: Classic, Veggie, Family and you can feed a family of 2 – 4. Hello Fresh

We ordered the Classic Box that feeds 4 and received 3 full meals in our box. The box included the meat, fruit, veggies, sauce, and seasonings. The monthly prices vary depending on the box & how many people you want to include.

Hello Fresh

I tried Salmon and Coucous, Chicken & Pasta with a special sauce, and even a Ciabatta Burger! Talk about taking me out of my comfort zone. I’ve never had coucous before, but now it’s a new favorite.

The recipe called for me to zest a lemon and orange – I’ve never zested anything before! Hello Fresh had me zesting! I laugh when I think about that!

Hello Fresh

I even learned the secret to making caramelized onions, add sugar!

All 3 meals were very good and opened me up to recipes I would’ve not tried on my own.

Here’s a quick 16 second video on how it actually works:

Here’s the good news for you!!

Would you like to try a Hello Fresh Box? Well, if you use the code BERNETTA35 – you will get $35 off your first box! So please, try them and come back and share your experience!




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