5 Ways to Make Time with Your Husband Count

I have been married for 13 years to my wonderful husband, and we have 3 very active children. One thing I love about our family is that we (my husband & I) are both very involved in our children’s lives; sports practices, school conferences, birthday parties and all things that involve them. We are partners in every way when it comes to our children.

People are always asking me, “Girl how do it you do it all? You are here, there, and everywhere!” The truth is, I couldn’t do it without the support of my husband holding down the house when I had an event to attend or work assignment to complete.

With that being said, it’s easy to take my husband (& marriage) for granted. It’s easy to think:

  • He will just be there because he loves me.
  • We have kids so they come before my spouse, he understands.
  • I don’t have to do anything extra for him in our marriage, because he already loves me.

Wrong! That is the wrong way of thinking. Even though I’ve been married 13 years, its still important to spend quality alone time with my hubby. He still needs to know that he is a top priority in my life (& vice versa):

Here are 5 ways to Make Time with Your Honey Count:

1. Go on an overnight stay-cation without the kids! You can go out of town, or stay right in your local city for a night away. Pick a cool hotel downtown and enjoy your city from a new perspective.

It’s something about a new environment that makes time alone sweeter.

2. Try a new adventure together. Don’t just go to the same places (restaurant, movies) when you are alone. Try something totally out of your comfort zone. Earlier this year, my husband and I tried white water rafting together.


Honestly, I was scared the entire time I was on that boat, but he was there to hold my hand. Now we have the greatest memories about that experience.

3. Have a regular date night. When you have children, we as parents usually have a schedule or calendar we live by. We have one child at the bus at 7am, practice every Thursday at 6pm, etc.


Well, put your your spouse on a calendar. Make your alone time with your spouse, just as important as your parental must do’s.

4. Create a common interest. When you two have something that you both love doing, you look forward to doing that thing together. For us, it’s working out. We enjoy going to the gym together and staying healthy.

Although my husband is NOT a trainer, he likes to tell me what to do when we workout. I usually let him, you all know about that male ego!!

5. A surprise love token. Don’t just treat your spouse to special things on their birthday or Christmas. Sometimes a “just because I love you” gift will melt the heart of your spouse because the gesture was unexpected.

Has your love ever sent you flowers to your job, just because? Or what about a dress you’ve were checking out from your favorite designer? How did it make you feel? Special? Appreciated? Wanted? Heard? I am sure all of these things are true.

My Love Gift to My Husband – JORD

Recently, I gave my husband a JORD Watch. These are amazing wood watches that turn heads everywhere. When my husband’s watch came in the mail, he was grinning from ear to ear. He put it on and started telling me about his favorite features.

My husband’s watch is in the Dover Series, Ebony & Rosewood:

14572405_10209508145094060_4976241416161658283_n 14590437_10209508144854054_2153811183140617917_n

Rosewood and Ebony combine in this series to make our most visually arresting Dover. The depth of tone in the dark black ebony is grounding, the crimson of the rosewood energizing, the contrasts in extremes will ignite even the casual observer. Beyond being noticed, our Rosewood and Ebony is remembered.


 What Makes JORD Special?

JORD is a company run by artists, designers, marketers, and minders who spend their days creating! Their main focus are creating timeless modern pieces.

Check out their MEN’s Shop & WOMEN’s Collection here:


The thing about time is, you have to make it count. You have to make it count with your children, your spouse & for yourself. You can’t get it back, so make the best use of it. And with a JORD watch, you look good doing it at the same time.



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