R & R Ranch Offers More than Just Horse Riding Lessons for Children!

“Mom, I want to ride horses!”

I heard this phrase all summer as my daughter watched horse movies on Netflix. Usually your children say they want to try something but they half way mean it. Well, the desire for her to ride horses kept coming up and I have decided to give in to her request.

When we moved to Florida, I quickly went into research mode for local ranches that not only gave lessons, but catered to the needs of children.

I found a few but the reviews of R & R Ranch sold me. My daughter & I went to check out the ranch and were in for a surprise!

From the moment we got out of our car, we could tell animals were not only loved but called the shots! Ok, not really but there were ducks that came up to us like they were used to people.

R and R ranch

There was also a beautiful goat that took a special liking to my daughter. The goat allowed my daughter to pet it and I was so afraid she was going to ask for a pet goat next.

What’s different & new about R and R Ranch?

Different. They not only offer lessons for children to ride horses, they are a petting zoo! On our tour we got to meet chickens, rabbits, goats, a pig, and ducks. They offer pony parties,  trail riding lessons, horse boarding, playgroups and horse camps. All of the animals were welcoming and let my daughter get close without making her afraid. That was very important to me.


New. R and R Ranch has a walk in program on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 5pm. It’s only $10 per child & adults are free! Yes, mom you are free! The walk in program includes a pony ride and the petting zoo (includes bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, ducks and pigs.)

In addition to their new walk-in program, they are having a fall festival October 29th 10am-3pm. The cost is $10 per child and $5 per adult.

r and r ranch

A petting zoo is the perfect way to introduce your children to animals. They are allowed to enjoy friendly animals which builds confidence and will surely bring a smile to their face.

Who is R & R Ranch?

R & R Ranch is a family owned and operated horse ranch in Lithia, Fl, with the R’s standing for “Rest” & “Relaxation”. If you live in central Florida, it’s closest to Plant City, Tampa, Brandon & Riverview.

 Their motto is, riding is supposed to be fun which is why they keep their lessons affordable & their horses are perfect for beginners.

r and r ranch

My daughter left the ranch with the biggest smile on her face. She kept talking about that darn goat & the horse she will get to ride on her next visit. You guessed it, we are going back. Her lessons start this week.

Come back in a few weeks to see how she like them or if it’s just a fad or something for the long haul!


Visit the R & R Ranch:

9805 Bryant Rd
Lithia, FL 33547
Barn numbers:  (813) 653-3819 / (813) 661-1481




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  • MamaMendoza
    September 22, 2016 at 6:11 pm

    Yes! These are the types of activities I want do with my kids and she is too cute!