Never to Old to Dream: 90 Year Old Runs Disneyland Half Marathon

RunDisney_Ellen Lem

Never put limitations on doing things that make you happy. Limitations could include age, race, gender, and mental blocks. If you can believe it, you can truly do it.

Ellen Lem, who turns 90 in a few weeks, doesn’t let age stop her. She is one of the oldest runners ever registered for the upcoming Disneyland Half Marathon this Weekend. Lem, 89, ran the 5K this weekend along with her two daughters.

Growing up in Asia during World War II, Lem and her family had to flee their native Burma and live as refugees in China where she nearly lost touch with her eventual husband. There she served as a volunteer translator for the American Red Cross and was eventually reunited with future husband, an American soldier who brought her to Anaheim where she has lived the past 40 years.

How She Stays in Shape

Ellen walks 10 laps a day around Juarez Park near her home to stay active and healthy, often walking with her two adult daughters.

When her daughters noticed she was outpacing then on a regular basis while exercising in the park, they decided to sign her up for the Disneyland 5K, which is her first race. After her turbulent early life in Asia, Lem views this race as something she can finally do for herself.

Take the Timeline off of Your Dreams

Putting a timeline on your dreams can be motivation to get things accomplished. It’s not always a bad thing. However, it can turn negative when your timeline creates a hinderance in your life. There is no age restriction on success or accomplishments.

Here are 5 People who Found Success After 60:

  1. Harry Bernstein – because a successful author at 93. He penned, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story that Broke Barriers
  2. Colonel Harland Sanders – He established KFC at 65. After 9 years and 600 stores, he sold his share for 2m.
  3. Estelle Getty – Achieved widespread fame as a Golden Girls actress at 63.
  4. Fauja Singh – Ran his first marathon at the age of 89, and now at 102 he still runs 7 or 8 kilometers every day.
  5. Julia Child – Learned to cook at 40 and launched her famous cooking show at 50.

As long as you are breathing, you can always do what makes your heart sing.

So, what makes your heart sing? What is your dream?



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