5 Reasons We are Going Back to Topgolf Tampa


Whenever you’re a newbie to a new city, you’re curious about all the fun spots. Whether fun for the family, date night or a girls night out. I’m doing a series on the 5 best places in Tampa for Tampa newbies like myself and stumbled on my first cool spot.

My husband and I have been here less than 2 months and because he’s traveling back and forth to another city for work for a short while, our date nights have been non-existent.

This week was our 13th Anniversary and we didn’t feel like some stuffy restaurant gazing deep into each other eyes. We wanted to have fun & be active.

Topgolf Tampa

Topgolf Tampa is date night pumped up. The first thing I loved was that it wasn’t far from where we live. No HWY for us. When you walk in, you’re greeted by the ambiance of modern, sexy and intriguing fun.

Topgolf Tampa charges by the hour and not the person so it makes sense to bring more friends to pay less individually. Prices range from $10 p/h – $40 p/r depending on the time of day.


With 3 levels of optional fun and 100+ bays, you can pick your view. The hubby and I opted for comfort and chose a comfy couch where we could cuddle in between swings.

This is Not Miniature Golf

What makes Topgolf Tampa different? The layout of the building and the actual games. You could have never laid your hands on a golf club and you would still have a great time.

Here are 5 Reasons We are Going Back to Topgolf Tampa:

  1. Fun for everyone. They have a kidzone for ages 12 and under. These kids will have a blast and feel like they rule the world. They even have a fall academy for $99.
  2. Anyone can feel like a pro. They have 8 different types of golf games, so if you’re not good at one, you have 7 other options to be great at. Pick one!
  3. Food. We enjoyed our food & like most people went down the menu of all the things will try next time. Prices are reasonable too. top golf tampa
  4. Bar. You can go to Top Gold and not play. You can go just to eat & chill with your friends or lover. They have other things to do besides golf games. Go into the lower level and see of yourself.
  5. Relaxed atmosphere. You’re surrounded by people but you are also in your own world. The way the bays are set up, your party has it’s own little piece of heaven with TV’s, server,  and golf clubs!

In Florida there are two locations; Tampa & Jacksonville – so how lucky am I!!

top golf

One last thing, if you go to Topgolf and it awakens a swing spirit within you, they offer classes and lessons! Follow them at @TopgolfTampa on social media to see what everyone is saying!

Here are 3 cool events coming up:

  1. Sunday Funday – It’s not about just golf, but Brunch!
  2. Draft Parties – It’s football season, so get your crew and reserve your space.
  3. Octoberfest – Top Gold Stein Hoisting Contest 10/1

Have you ever been to Topgolf in your state? What was your experience like?




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