3 Necessary P&G Products that Make Summertime Easy with Children


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Summertime usually means kids outside playing, bike riding, eating popsicles, water park trips, catching lightening bugs and many many BBQ’s.

It will be that & more for our household too, however, we’re adding in a move to a new state as well. Which means cleaning out our current home is going to be our major task this summer.


The kids don’t know it yet but they will be wiping walls, vacuuming floors and packing boxes. Although, I will try to make summer as fun as fun can be.

This Summer, there will be no summer camp for my children. I am hosting Knighten Summer School & Camp at my house. They will learn for the first 2 hours of the day with instructional books for their next grade level. We’ll then follow up with an activity, playtime or outing.

As a parent, I know Summertime brings in MORE … more things to clean. Which means I am on the watch to keep this house extra clean this Summer.

Here are 3 things I know that will need extra attention this Summer in my house. 

Wiping Walls

We really want to leave our current home the way it was when we moved in it, clean! Over the last few years with three children ranging from 3-10, some of our walls and doors clearly show that children live here.

The dirtiest walls are in the hallway & the kitchen, particularly behind the garbage. For some reason, we (taking the blame as well) must miss the garbage and the wall will get a splash of food and drinks.

Popsicle Patrol

Summertime isn’t the same if kids don’t have at least 13 popsicles. It’s like an automatic rite of passage from Spring to Summer.


As a parent, all you can do is be prepared with different flavors, sizes, and of course Bounty Advanced paper towels on deck!

Do kids even notice the mess these things make? What about the stickiness that follows the long drips of juice down their hands and arms? Do they know that popsicle juice just doesn’t come out of the carpet easy?

These kids do not care!

Dirty Duds Duty

My children wear uniforms all school year & get fly on the weekends but the summertime brings out a whole new wardrobe to keep clean.

During the school year, it’s school and home. That means an occasional lunchtime spill. Summertime seems to attract more dirt, paint, food, sauces and just the smell of outdoors. Why oh why is summertime so dirty!


3 Necessary P&G Household Products that Make Summertime Easy with Children:

One place where you can buy all your summer household needs is Costco. When you have a big family, you save money by buying in bulk the items that you will use over an over again. I’m glad I was able to stock on up these amazing Procter & Gamble Household products before the 1st day of Summer!


  1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers – I’ve always wanted to try the magic eraser because it looked so simple to use. Wet and wipe, right? Well, this past Saturday we had clean house day and my husband put the Magic Eraser to the test. After a few minutes and a few strokes, our wall was SPOTLESS. The foam eraser mimics sandpaper and makes the dirt stick to it.
  2. Bounty Advanced Paper Towels – So now they can only eat popsicles in the kitchen or outside wrapped in a Bounty Advanced Paper Towel. This allows them to enjoy their treat longer so it doesn’t freeze their little hands but also catches the mess before it becomes a mess! bounty_P&G
  3. Gain Original Detergent – We wash more because it seems like our children change more during the day. With Gain concentrated, we get more for washes for our money by buying in bulk at Costco. Gain Original Detergent not only cleans our clothes but also leaves a lasting sweet smell that makes me squeeze my boys a little harder each time they come around me.



Although Summertime comes with its own messy challenges, they are small in comparison to the reward of family time you get.

When you have quality household products like Procter & Gamble that work the first time, it frees up your mind for other important things!

What is your Summer time go-to products? 



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