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8 Powerful Lessons by 8 Powerful Act Like A Success Speakers

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The Act Like a Success Conference has ended but the real work now begins.

I was fortunate to attend every day of this conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel (May 13-15) and left feeling motivated & empowered.


What’s more important than being motivated & empowered is responsible. I am responsible for my success and it’s time to Do The WORK!

act like a success

Over the weekend, speaker after speaker, session after session gave you nuggets to push you to the next level if you were open to receiving it.

Honestly, I had SO MANY takeaways that you will easily see a few more post that come out of the many lessons that I received this weekend.

Act Like a Success_Social Media

I was apart of a great social media team who shared many takeaways via twitter and live stream. Follow #ALAS2016 on IG & Twitter to catch up.

Here are 8 Powerful Lessons by 8 Powerful Speakers:

1. Doreen Rainey asked us to write down our BIG DREAM and made us recognize 5 reasons it never happens.

  1. Fear of the big dream.
  2. Unsure the reality of what it really takes.
  3. No actionable plan.
  4. No real support system.
  5. Unwilling to pay the price.

2. Rhonda Britton – Founder of Fearless Living Institute taught us about the power of FEAR.

My biggest take away from Rhonda is that “Fear is a great motivator but it will never let you be satisfied.”

There are 4 Zones:

  • Comfort Zone – what you know
  • Stretch – what you know you can do but just haven’t done
  • Risk – you’re afraid to do / you feel like you will almost die
  • Die – totally out there!

Rhonda Britten

Of course your comfort zone is in the middle of the circle and before you go to the next zone, there is always a ring of fear. Fear is designed to protect us & triggered by the unknown.


“The feeling you are afraid to feel is running your life.” Rhonda Britten

3. Patrice Washington the Money Maven’s message for this weekend was be authentically you with 5 powerful ways to do this.

Patrice Washington

  1. Never compete (comparison is the thief of joy).
  2. Meditate (silence is golden).
  3. Use visuals (vision boards can stimulate your goals).
  4. Affirm yourself (speak life/positive words into your life).
  5. Trust yourself (no matter what advice you get, trust your gut and your God).


4. Teneshia Jackson Warner is the creator of The Dream Project. She reminds me of myself because she is a big dreamer and her life story gives a true example that the fortune is in the follow up. She was finally given a life changing opportunity to work for Russell Simmons after telling him numerous times, “I am willing to work for you with no fee, in exchange for an opportunity to learn.”

She explained that you shouldn’t wait for your dream to manifest, but start living your dream now. For example, if you want to be a best selling author you have to start writing. Just write.

“God can make miracles with our imperfections!”

5. Beth Caldwell taught us 5 Tips to Get Paid What You are Worth

  1. People price based on their cost versus their value. Make a list of your values.
  2. Stop giving away your services (Grow your list).
  3. Count your money.
  4. Get comfortable with big numbers.
  5. Be who you were meant to be.

If you are an entrepreneur, learn to offer at least 3 packages because more than 3 can be overwhelming. Do not give anyone anything for free unless you want to volunteer.

6. Nicole Roberts Jones is a Life Coach who taught us how to Unleash Your Inner Gladiator.

Nicole Roberts Act like a success

  1. Master your gift.
  2. Understand your gift is not for you.
  3. Be committed to your gift, not just interested in your gift.

7. Dr. Steve Harvey, entrepreneur extratronaire gave us a power exercise to weed people out and see who is actually for us.

  1. Make a list of everyone you come in contact with.
  2. Go down the list and use a checkmark, dot or star.
    1. Checkmark – anyone that always gives you love, supports you, full of good news and is always encouraging.
    2. Star – sometimey people. Sometimes they are cool, sometimes they aren’t. If you can live without them, give them a star.
    3. Dot – negative, filled with drama & always want something. They always bring the worst news.
  3. People that are Dots; take them out of your phone & life, NOW! The people that are stars, you need to decide if you want them in or out of your life. You can tell them how you feel about it and let them decide by their behavior if they should stay or not. The Checkmarks are your tribe. These people support you and hold you up! This is your tribe.

act like a success

8. Gerald Washington, President of Steve Harvey Entertainment spoke to us and had us in a holy hush! His introduction was so amazing, we all were on the edge of our seats waiting for him to speak. He taught on 3 things that successfully help him transition from a manager position at Taco Bell making $8.62 in 2011 to the President of Steve Harvey Entertainment & a millionaire.

  1. Rewrite your vision – give yourself permission to change.
  2. How do you plan to execute? Identify your blueprint. Your life & business needs a plan. Who is on your team? Remove your pride and open yourself up for support. Invest in yourself & your dreams.
  3. Get down, dirty & DO THE WORK.

I am telling you, this conference was amazing. There was no way you could leave Act Like a Success and not want to be a Success in every area of your life.

In addition to the conference, Steve & his team gives you a way to stay connected with his team through emails and other courses to further your development. He gives us no excuse not to be our best.



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