Bloggers Get Tired Too! 3 Reasons Why I Stopped Writing

Bloggers Get Tired too!

I’m not sure if you noticed or not (probably because I still post on social media) but I’ve written less on my blog since January 2016.

In Decemeber 2015, I had BIG GOALS for I just knew as soon as these kids went back to school, I was going to hit the ground running.


January came and went.

February came and went.

March, well … it’s now April.

I’ve written posts, but most were sponsored. Sponsored means; I was sent a product or attended an event to review. Sponsored also means “coins” sometimes, so yeah, I’m going to write those.

It’s just that when it came to a personal heartfelt post, I just couldn’t bring myself to write. When I sat and thought about it, I came up with three reasons:


I’ve been blogging since 2010! Yes, my first blog was WIFE (Why Isn’t Forever Easy), which focused on wife life and marriage (which is still up btw). I created in 2012 to widen my blog topics & its been an amazing ride.


But, I have just been uninspired. I will sit and look out the window thinking, what can I talk about? Or, worse – I do not feel like writing today or apparently this month. In addition to not feeling inspired to write, I’ve been living life.

Being a mom of three is a 24 hour job and motherhood never stops. My children stay involved in sports year round. Which means; practice, rehearsals, meets & more. We are active at their school (classroom volunteer) and do many things as a family.

So, motherhood doesn’t stop. Apparently, wife life doesn’t either because my husband will give me the side eye if he doesn’t get him some attention!

He actually likes being around me. Although he runs his own business, he will ask me out for a day date or plan a surprise outing to keep me on my toes.

New Ventures.

I am currently getting my life coach certification which also leaves little time for other things. It’s a 2.5 month process and I am loving it so far. With any new venture, there comes hard work, homework and more. My class is not just sit and listen. I literally have to coach people, read 2 books, listen to audio, do worksheets, and whatever else my instructor asks for on a weekly basis. I am half way through my certification and so far, so great.

It feels so right.

I’ve always motivated people to do more but, now I can do strategize from a professional standpoint!

Oh yeah, we’re moving out of Georgia this year too! So, of course that is on my mind. More details on that to come.

Blogging is More than Writing.

If you’re a blogger, then you already know that blogging is 50% of the pie. The other 50% is promotion. I wish it were as easy as writing a compelling post and then hitting enter.

“If you publish, they will come!”

Wrong! Just plain wrong!

You must publish, promote on every social media channel, engage readers, comment on other blogs to let them know you’ve stopped by, shared a few other post, craft an email for your subscribers, and promote some more! Whewwww!

You have to let people know you are there. With thousands a blog post that are published daily, you have to do your part to make sure you’re seen.

And, sometimes you just get tired.

I would not say I am burned out, because I’ve been there before. This isn’t that. I’ve still been working on other things. I think I just needed a break to LIVE LIFE more, create new experiences to actually write about, and understand this is my journey. I’m not in a competition with other bloggers who post daily or weekly.

My journey, my timeline.

April 1st 2016, I ready to write again.

What will I write about?

My family. My son is into girls more than ever and we have really needed to calm him down. A mom even pulled me over to tell me my son asked her daughter out! My daughter now has glasses and it was a process of elimination of how we found out that she needed them!

My 3 year old knows his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. His favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear … but, I have some news to share about a learning program that will give you lifetime learning access for toddlers.

My marriage. My husband and I are in a good place. Thank God! One thing that I love is that he wants to do the work to keep our marriage that way. I will share some things he has done to keep me smiling.

My motivation. I believe your words create your world. I really try to be intentional in my speech. I will create more posts that show you how to master your mindset.

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Do you ever just get tired and need to regroup? Do you feel guilty?




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