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Car Review: 3 Misconceptions About Minivans & Why the 2016 KIA Sedona Proves You Wrong

kia sedona

I don’t know who was looking forward to Spring Break more, my children or myself!

This Spring Break, my children spent the week with their grandparents in Florida (Tampa area) & my husband and I spent alone time in Miami (business & pleasure).

We’re use to the 7 hour trip to Florida, but what we weren’t use too, was riding in pure style & space. On this trip we were able to review the Kia Sedona 2016 Minivan and I think I want this car now!

What are your misconceptions about minivans?

  • Minivans are only for women
  • Minivans are not safe
  • Prices of minivans are too high

Well, let me say this about your misconceptions . . . you’re wrong!

Minivans are only for women | As a woman & mother, I felt proud to drive my children around in this car. Honestly, so did my husband. He didn’t hesitate to get in the drivers seat and learn all of the features of the Kia Sedona. He drove around with his chest pumped up!

Minivans are not safe | The Sedona earned a top five-star rating for it’s overall crash protection in a government crash test. This amazing vehicle was also awarded the highest rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Safety is a priority on all of our minds as parents, and Kia doesn’t take that concern lightly.

Prices of minivans are too high | What is too high? It’s more about what you can afford and what extras you are willing to pay for. The car we drove over spring break had all of the bells and whistles for my family. My children didn’t want to give the car back, which means these bells and whistles would be worth paying for. The Kia Sedona ranges from $29K – $40K depending on the features.

Kia Sedona

My 5 Favorite Now I Must Have Them in ALL My Car Features:

This minivan has opened my mind to something new & now I feel like I can’t go backwards. Well, I had to when I gave the car back (insert tears).

Reclining Seats | These seats go back, sideways and recline with a footrest. Let me say that again, a footrest. My children made deals with each other about who would sit where, when they saw this feature.

I laughed because on a simple trip to the store, I looked behind me and my daughter was reclining with her headphones on like we were on a 5 hour trip!

Kia Sedona car review

Front Camera | The vehicle has a front camera & a 360 degree camera. The front camera allows you to see where and how you are parked and what is around your car. Amazing technology!

My husband asked me to look out the window to see if he was going to hit a curb, I responded “Please use the camera!!”

Kia Sedona

Kia Sedona

DVD Players, Headphones & Remote | Did Kia know that my children would love this feature? This came in handy on the road to Florida. We were able to play the movies we downloaded on our tablets on the DVD player. For some strange reason, my kids were quiet most of this trip!

Kia Sedona

3rd Row & Deep Space | When you have 3 children that range in ages, they have different needs. With the 3rd row, my children felt some sort of independence about choosing their seats. We felt satisfaction because we had so much extra space in the car and in the back, that we didn’t have to compromise on what the children wanted to bring on this trip.


Clean Air Filter | How 2016 is this? We were able to review this car in the height of Spring, which means pollen is everywhere. The clean air filter allowed us to drive around and not even notice. It circulated clear air throughout the car and allowed us to breathe easy.

Kia Sedona

Many more features …

Now there are so many more features that you will enjoy and like me, took for granted after you use them a while.

  • Power folding & Heated outside mirrors
  • Dual Power Sunroof
  • Heated & Cooling Seats and Steering Wheel
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • USB/Auxiliary Input Jack
  • Blind-Spot Detection
  • Forward Collision Warning  System
  • Cooling Glove Box

kia features1

Our Spring Break was so enjoyable. The children were able to visit their grandparents and swim daily. My husband and I were able to attend a blog conference & walk along south beach! We were grateful that the last thing on our mind was transportation. It was the perfect family travel vehicle.

To test drive and really see all the bells and whistles for yourself, visit your local Kia dealership. You can also visit their website and follow them on social media: @DrivaKia



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