3 Questions with Tyrese About Coca-Cola Pay it Forward & 1 HUGE Exclusive!

Tyrese Pay it forward

Who could forget the 1996 commercial when Tyrese walked his fine self on that bus and belted out, “Nah nah nah … always Coca-colaaaaaa!” with the biggest smile?

Can you honestly say that you weren’t walking around with your headphones trying to hum that tune?

Over the years, Tyrese would become a six-time grammy nominated R&B singer, author, philanthropist and an internationally renowned film star.

Tyrese has really come full circle in 20 years as he now joins the Coca-Cola Pay it Forward Academy as their 2016 Ambassador.

This program (now in it’s 5th year) offers 25 high school students a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship to help further their education & a trip to the Coca-Cola Pay it Forward Academy. For the full details & application please visit through March 31st.

3 Questions for Tyrese:

Recently, I was given the opportunity of a lifetime – to interview Tyrese about the Coca-Cola Pay it Forward Academy!

Not only did he give us an abundance of tweetables, but he gave us an exclusive that no one else knows … until now!

1. Does being a parent inspire your work with kids? 

I have long recognized the importance of helping young people reach out to grab their dreams.

Returning to Coca-Cola, the place where I got my start, brings my story full circle and offers me another opportunity to help inspire, motivate and give back to our youth.

I’ve learned it’s not lonely at the top if you help someone else get there.

2. What motivates you to be involved in so many projects?

Most people can’t keep up with me. People that I hire to work with me, can’t even keep up with me. I’m focused and my drive is a burning desire inside of me.

I feel I even have to earn my sleep. When I go to bed, I want to feel like I’ve done everything I could that day so when I fall in my bed, it’s nothing left. 

I don’t worry about staying in my lane, when I am a lane creator!

3. Do you feel your ambassadorship is a form of mentoring? And who has been a mentor for you along the way.

I’ve been mentored by many people over the years. I’ve also had experiences that I didn’t allow to keep me stuck when I was growing up.

At some point you have to be a champion for yourself and get tired of being tired and stick up for yourself. More people need to take advantage of what America has to offer.

Activate the inner beast inside of you. I’ve had so many negative things around me growing up, but my mind wouldn’t let me stay there. 

Now for the Exclusive …

Easter, March 27th it’s going down! In the R & B world that is. Tyrese is doing something that has never been done before. He is releasing The Black Book | The Resurrection of R & B on Easter Sunday! It’s an 18 minute video/movie that includes Tank & V. Bozeman.

He will release 3 singles & 3 videos the very same day.

The first single will be called, “You can’t break me!” If you enjoy the sultry melodic sounds of Tyrese, you will be front and center when these 3 singles (& videos) drop on Easter.

History maker.

Seriously, has this ever been done before?

A Class Act

I enjoyed talking to Tyrese because in the short amount of time we had to speak with him, he was so genuine. You can tell he is at a point where he is in love with life & he is living it to the fullest.

He has experienced things, bad & great, that will allow him to pour inside of these up and coming students that could easily be life changing. It doesn’t hurt that he still looks like he could pass for a student too!

I’m excited for the youth who do win a trip to the Coca-Cola Pay it Forward Academy and get to experience a weekend with Tyrese. You can’t help but walk away inspired & changed.

Remember, for more information visit



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