Introducing the “Unofficial” Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book

Guest Contributor: Danielle Reeves

I love family vacations – the planning, the anticipation, the memories and fun, and the food (of course!). We try to take our kids on a trip fairly often, as our budget allows, and although they love a lot of different places, Disneyland is still their top choice!

Since we’re such a Disney-lovin’ family, I created this super awesome ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book!

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book by BusyMomsHelper 30 Text

A family trip to Disneyland is such an amazing experience, leaving everyone with fabulous memories – including some not-so-happy ones from the stressful waiting in lines! This book is PERFECT to keep kiddos happily entertained during those waiting moments, or even for relaxing at the hotel after a busy day in the parks!

Since we think variety is key when entertaining, there’s tons of fun activities in this 66 page book – from games, mazes and jokes, to trivia and connect the dots.

We even have creative activities such as designing your own super hero suit and Tarzan Treehouse!

Boring, blank autograph pages are a thing of the past – we’ve got more than 20 exciting designs based on favorite characters! From classics like Goofy and Minnie Mouse, princesses like Belle and Rapunzel, and new ones like Darth Vader and the Avengers.

Since vacations are all about creating memories, we’ve included several spots to write down favorite moments & funny things that happen, top rides or foods, even a place to trace their handprint so you can remember how big – or little – they were!

To make it easier for adults, we included ride checklists – divided up by ‘land’ – for both Disneyland and California Adventure, complete with height requirements.

Now you can do a quick check without having to go all the way up to the ride!

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book by BusyMomsHelper 2 Text

Sized at a convenient 6×9, this fun book is easy to carry around the parks or put into your bags. You can get a PDF book and download, print and bind it yourself or avoid that hassle and nab a professionally printed book complete with bound, shiny cover. The choice is yours!

Make your next visit to Disneyland and California Adventure even more amazing than ever with our activity & autograph book, then keep it so you can look back at the fun memories for years to come!

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