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3 Must Have Mazda 6 Features When Traveling with Children

Over the last few years, my children’s school started “Winter Break”. As a parent our first reaction was, isn’t winter break the same as Christmas break?

Apparently not, because winter break is a full week in February.

Our children started school in August, and have been out a week every month since school started.

September – Fall break (didn’t they just start school?)
October – Parent/Teacher conference so they get off (really?)
November – A full week off for Thanksgiving (it was only Thursday and Friday when I was in school)
December – One week off for Christmas
January – One week off for New Years
February – Winter Break (Just why?)
March – Parent/Teacher conference (more off days!)
April – Spring Break (One more week!)
May – School is out!

Did you have so many days off growing up? We sure didn’t!

This winter break my husband planned a trip for our family which took some stress off of me. He booked us a week at the WestGate Resort in Florida and we rode down in style.

We were able to experience the 2016 Madza 6 and we enjoyed every bit of styling on the highway. However, when you travel with children there are certain things you need in a vehicle that will make your trip more comfortable.

3 Must Have Mazda 6 Features that Made our Winter Break Comfortable with 3 Children:

1. Trunk Space. Our trip was 7 days and my husband had a bright idea that we would all have our own luggage! I asked him was he sure (because we usually share), but the Mazda 6 actually secured all of our luggage without the trunk being overly stuff or overflowing.madza 6

2. Keyless Entry. When you travel with children, there’s a lot of getting in and out of the car for shopping, site seeing, getting gas, etc. Our youngest is 3 years old and its so much easier to press a button to open the door to put him in the carseat versus searching for my keys. As long as the keys are in my pocket or purse, the car will open. Where has the feature been all my life?!  (Well, motherhood life!)madza 63. Good Gas Mileage. My husband is a planner down to the stops we make. That irks me, but with the gas mileage being 38 MPG we stopped less on our 7 hour ride & saved more money over the entire trip. mazda 6BONUS: Stylish! I loved the bold red color and car body style. Although we were toting 3 kids with us, we didn’t have to look frumpy. It made me feel great jumping in and out of such a stylish car with kids. You can still have a family and ride in luxury!


More great features of the Madza 6

  • Warrenty: 3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi power train
  • 3 Trim Levels: Sport, Touring & Grand Touring range from $21,495 to $30,195
  • Multi-function command control
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Rear seat heat and A/C vents
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Leatherette-trimmed seats
  • Power sliding glass moonroof
  • 19″ alloy wheels with dark silver finish

mazda 222

Madza 6 Cool Fact: The GT Technology Package also includes Mazda’s i-ELOOP system, which uses regenerative braking to store electricity. That electricity is then used to power the car’s electrical accessories, which reduces the engine’s load.

Car 1

We really enjoyed our stay in Florida. I actually got to relax … doesn’t that sound like a dirty word? R-e-l-a-x!

Car 2

The kids were able to swim at least 3 out of the 7 days. Which equals to a “great vacation for them!” We stayed at a great place & traveled comfortably.

My kids loved the Mazda 6 and appreciated the space & outlets in the back seat that allowed them to play with their gadgets or nap! You know you’re winning when your children give you two thumbs up!

The Madza 6 starts off at $21,495 but can go a little be higher with more bells and whistles. It handles very well on the road and was designed with the driver in mind.

If I didn’t have children, I could still see myself on the highway; sunroof open, and the wind in my hair driving this car. Go test drive it, you will be hooked too!

Here’s a fun mini Periscope review I did of the Mazda6:

Have you ever driven a Mazda?

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