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3 Reasons Parents & Children will Love Sprout’s New Original Series Floogals

When you are the parent of a toddler, it’s sometimes hard to find a great mix between watching something that entertains them or educates them. It’s great when you can find a program that does both.

Welcome to Earth! 

On January 23rd at 8pm, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, Junior Boomer land on earth from planet Floog. The three curious FLOOGALS land in a yard sale and then sold when they are mistaken for a toy. Now, they’re in the home and property of a young child – their exploration begins as they navigate life on earth with humans (or hoomans, as they call us).

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of dining with the marketing team that gave us a better understanding of what we can expect from this Sprout original series.

A sneak peek episode of FLOOGALS which aired on January 18 was Sprout’s highest rated premiere in women 18-49 and kids ages 2-5 since the debut of the Sprout original “Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave” last year.

I let my 2 year old sit on my lap and watch one episode, he was glued to the screen. He would look at me an smile from time to time, that’s how I knew he was really enjoying the show. I personally love the cinematic feel. It’s almost 3D-ish, it looks like you’re right their in the bedroom.

Why Kids Will Love It:

  • It’s told from 3 different perspectives. All kids are not the same, so with three diverse characters, they are learning about the same thing in different ways.
  • It’s not a boy or girl show but a children’s show. Children will be able to focus on the fun stories and adventures of the FLOOGALS versus worrying about if it’s too girly or boy specific.
  • They can watch it anytime or anywhere. Although the shows debuts at 8pm, there’s an app that can also be downloaded on any tablet. They will also run shows during the daytime as well.

Why Parents Will Love It:

  • FLOOGALS applies STEM learning into it’s lessons. While the kids are enjoying the FLOOGALS navigate a new land, they are also learning.
  • It’s targeted for children between the ages of 2 – 6, the perfect age for children that are also learning their environment and full of questions.
  • With the debut of this new series, it will have at least 50 new power packed episodes. This gives the children a good amount of time to learn the characters with great new lessons.

To learn more about FLOOGALS and Sprout’s original programming, visit Sprout Online.



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