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7 Huge Takeaways My Children Shared After Watching War Room

War Room came on the scene and blew everyone away. Period.

This movie is a marriage, relationship & personal prayer life game changer. Or least it can be if you are open to it.

I honestly can’t see how you can come away from watching War Room and not be moved, not even a little bit. The night we first saw the movie, my grandmother watched our children so we call ourselves doing a date night.

What was supposed to be a lovey dovey night, ended up being an all night discussion (after the movie) as we dealt with some things in our marriage that we both can do better with.

I honestly didn’t think my children would want to see this movie, and it never crossed my mind to let them watch it (at least not now). Well, last Saturday evening, my husband told our children he wanted them to see something.

When he said, War Room, my daughter got excited! I’m honestly not sure why, but she loves watching movies as a family, so that could have been why she was happy.

My son immediately let out a grimm whine, “Mommmm! I don’t want to see War Room! I heard it isn’t that good!” Now, I am really intrigued at his response. I asked,  “Who could have possibly told you that? Your other 10 year old friends?”

The funniest thing was, during the movie my son was the main one talking during every scene; laughing, giving his thoughts, and even crying on certain parts. Yes, my 10 year old son cries when he’s sad during movies.

He’s sensitive.

He ran over to hug me at least twice during the movie.

Needless to say, they both enjoyed War Room and even shared with me their 7 Takeaways:

Son (10 years old):

  1. Always Pray – No matter what, prayer can change things.
  2. Don’t fight against your prayers – If you pray for it, believe it will happen. Don’t ask for something and do the opposite because you really do not believe it.
  3. Love your husband – In the beginning, my son did not like the “husband” in the movie because he was a jerk to his wife and daughter. However, the shift that he made in his life and behavior, brought my son to tears.
  4. Let God takeover – When you give God control, anything is possible.

Daughter (8 years old):

  1. Always listen to your heart – listen to the small voice in your head.
  2. Never cheat on a girl – you have to see the movie to get this statement.
  3. Never say that your parents do not love you – the little girl in this movie was so powerful. Not only do you want to be a better spouse, but a better parent!

I love hearing their perspective on certain things. Not only did they enjoy the movie, my daughter watched it again tonight (her choice).

War Room

From a parents perspective, War Room helped reinforce to me that our children are paying attention to us all.the.time. They also feel when we aren’t giving them our all.

Lately, my daughter has been all up under me. Hugging me more, kissing my cheeks, or just coming in the room to stand near me. It took me a while to realize, she doesn’t want anything (like a toy), but just more time with Mommy.

She really just wants more of my attention.

I’ve started stopping what I’m doing and just hugging her. Talking with her, making sure she is good. I’ll make a joke and her smile will light up the room.

I feel like I am going off on a tangent, but honestly War Room can make you look at many different areas of your life. Just like a good book, the more you read it – the more lessons you get from it.

What is War Room?

With great jobs, a beautiful daughter (Alena Pitts) and a dream house, the Jordans seem to have it all. Appearances can be deceiving, however, as husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) flirts with temptation and wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) becomes increasingly bitter, crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. Their lives take an unexpected turn for the better when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), who encourages the couple to find happiness through prayer.

This movie grossed $68 Million world wide! 

Also, neither one of my children could tell me what a War Room was at the end of the movie, although I did make sure I fully explained it.

Have you seen War Room? What was a major take away for you in terms of Parenting? Marriage? Do you have a War Room? Would you let your children watch it?



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  • Katherine G
    January 17, 2016 at 11:56 am

    Great post! Sounds like you and your family enjoyed the movie. You also learned a lot from it. I still need to see this movie. It sounds great!

  • Kira
    January 17, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Interesting. I’ve heard so much about War Room and honestly I didn’t think it would be appropriate for kiss but I’m happy to hear it’s a good family friendly movie. Can’t wait to watch it with my family. Love when lessons come from unexpected places.

    • Bernetta
      January 17, 2016 at 10:00 pm

      I thought the same thing before I saw it. It’s nothing inappropriate in the movie that kids have to hide their eyes from. Let me know what you think after you watch it too.

  • Terra Heck
    January 31, 2016 at 1:02 am

    I watched War Room when it was out in theaters with a couple of friends. I then bought it on Blu-ray the day it came out and watched it with my husband and teen kids. Everyone was affected and it was a great way to start discussions on marriage, prayer, faith, and love. I absolutely recommend this movie to everyone. I love that your kids were able to take beneficial pointers from the movie.
    I created my own War Room of sorts and have a desk with devotionals and Bible. I created it specifically for the purpose of prayer and quiet time with God.