5 Reasons You Should Send Out Holiday Cards This Week!

All I want for Christmas is genuine time with family and friends.

Throughout the year, we seem to text, email or talk via Facebook so much that the personal touch of a phone call or dare I say, a hand written note never happens. Honestly, I still love getting mail from friends!

The month of December is a month a relaxation for me. Or least that is my dream! It’s a time to reflect back on the previous 11 months and how good God’s grace has been.

Although the first few weeks of this December have been just the opposite! It’s a hustle and bustle trying to get ready for Christmas! With my daughter, husband and mother-in-law’s birthdays all in December before Christmas, you can imagine our calendar of activities?

When Christmas actually arrives, all I want to do is relax.

My husband asked me what I want this year and I couldn’t think of anything specific that I wanted him to buy me. It’s not that I have it all (yet), but I really don’t need another “thing” right now.


I would love a brand manager for my business if I’m honest, but that’s a my gift to myself.

All I want for Christmas is for my husband to get up and cook us his famous breakfast and to see joy and delight when my children open their gifts.

Also, this year I am going to surprise all of my good friends with beautiful cards from the Mahogany line.  I love that these cards are inspired by our African American culture and really enhance our connections through beautiful imagery.

I love a beautiful card, don’t you? Although, I am one of those people who actually writes in the card (because I want you to keep it), the card itself has to be an eye catcher.

5 Reasons You Should Sent Out Holiday Cards

  1. Holiday, Birthday or Seasonal Cards show that you care | It takes time to select a card and mail it out and when you send a card, it shows people that you thought enough of them around a special time of year.
  2. It Builds Relationships | You deepen an already established relationship with a simple gesture or just as easily create new ones. People feel like they are on your mind and heart.
  3. Keep Loves One Up to Date | Sometimes people don’t hear from us all year, sending a card with a great re-cap of what’s going on or a picture of the children will show your friends and family that all is well.
  4. You Will Be The Star of the Mantel or Refrigerator  | How many times have you went over someone’s house around the holidays and they have Christmas cards from everyone used as decoration? I love it. We do the same thing by putting our cards on top of our fireplace! Don’t you want to be included?
  5. Updated Contact List | This is a great time to update your address book because people have moved or relocated during the year. You now have a current address and the opportunity to share some holiday cheer.

I personally LOVE funny cards! Even when I am giving my husband a card, I like to see him laugh at the end of the card. People look forward to getting a card from me, well at least that is what I want to believe. 10750239_10204736290640681_3615100843476965879_oMy best friend, Aseelah, lives in another state, so I am especially excited to send her a card and watch her get all mushy! Mainly because she won’t be expecting it at all. We usually call each other on Christmas, but this year she’ll get a surprise in the mail with a beautifully crafted card telling her all the reasons she is my bff!


So, what do you want for Christmas this year? How are you spreading Christmas cheer? Who are you sending a card to?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mahogany and The bLink Marketing Network . The opinions and text are all mine.



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  • MJ
    December 17, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    I love cards! I keep them. My mom keeps them. My grandmother kept them. Cards often mean more to me than any other gift. I write in them too and I always will. Mahogany is my favorite. I always start in the Mahogany section when searching for cards.