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What’s the One Thing You Want to be Known For?

I am on the internet a lot. I am on social media a lot. Too much, if you ask me. The good part is, I follow a lot of people who are doing great things, so I stay inspired.

The bad part is, I follow a lot of people that are doing great things, so it’s a constant comparison of what they’re doing versus what I’m doing. If I’m honest.

When you see people who are making moves, making money, breaking records, articles written about them in major magazines, featured on talk shows – this list goes on – you can’t help but evaluate your actions. Especially, if you desire to do the same.

Recently, I got quiet.

I just sat alone in the dark and thought.  I asked myself, what do you really want? What do you want out of life and what do you want to be known for?

Over the years, I’ve been asked “What do you do?” It’s actually an uncomfortable question because I respond with:

  • I make soft butter
  • I can do crochet braids
  • I am a certified Art Director, so I can design things for you.
  • I can be an on air talent and host events
  • I can do a product review ( a write up)
  • I make books
  • I, I, I …. see what I mean?

It’s too much! Or at least it comes off that way. Initially, people give me a wide eye look as to say, “Wow you can do all that!” but then it seems to end with a look like, “Ummm ok, so you really do all that, well?”

After following me on FB, my friend’s boyfriend asked her, “What exactly does Bernetta do?” Her answer was, “Everything!” I gave a slight laugh, but that actually bothered me.

It bothered me, because if he was asking this question, other people are asking the same thing. If her answer was, “everything” how many people are also saying the same thing.

I don’t feel that it’s a problem with having many talents. It’s actually a blessing and I am grateful that God gives me so many ideas and that I am quick to see the opportunities and execute most of them.

I believe the problem for me is that I don’t execute them well enough and I soon tire of projects. That’s complete honesty right there. 

So, back to the question, what do I want to be known for? No matter what I’ve done over the years, one thing that remains constant is, I want people to succeed. I want people to follow their dreams. Period. 

Although I want people to follow their dreams, the older I get I have learned:

  • Not every dream will make you rich
  • Everyone that follows their dream, will not see it come true
  • Everyone’s dream is NOT to own their own business
  • Everyone has a dream ,whether they share it or not
  • After a certain age, people fear going after their dream

I always find myself talking to someone about what they want to do and asking them why they haven’t did it or at least tried. I get 1,000,001 reasons why. It actually makes me sad that so many have just settled for life as it is. It’s almost like they’re saying, “I can’t make my life any better than it is.” But yet, they go to church and pray for God to bless them.

It’s sad when you hear someone say:

  • I wish I would have …
  • I really want this but …
  • If I didn’t have children, I would …
  • Maybe when I retire I will try …

If I could choose one thing to be known for, it would be helping people realize their dreams or push them towards the right direction. I’ve learned over the years, that it’s best to start speaking to people while they’re young. Late middle school or high school grades are the perfect people to start with.

The younger people realize that the power to do what you desire is mental, the faster it will happen. Many times people are stuck with a certain mindset, it’s hard to see change to make change.

So … how do I become known for helping people make their dreams come true? That’s the next BIG thing for me … stay tuned.

Oh, in the meantime, remember to Dream on Purpose!!




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  • GlossyMimi
    November 2, 2015 at 10:10 pm

    So much of this rings true with me. I am a creative and my mind is always on so many things and when that one thing doesn’t work out I move on to the next. Now I find myself frustrated at the thought of starting something new for fear that I won’t carry it out.

    I have recently really been thinking about exactly what it is that I want to do and the answer is I don’t know. I guess I need to figure it out and fast!

  • Lashawn
    November 3, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Ahhh the major question in my life right now. I think I’m known for my photography. But my question is is that enough? Is it what I really want? Ive gkt to figure it out because life is passing me by while I’m thinking!

  • MJ
    November 3, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    An Art Director? Do tell.
    I am at a crossroads with who I am, what I want to be known for and the legacy I want to leave for my children. I am slowly taking a few steps while I figure it all out. Life is definitely moving forward and I will not be left behind.

  • Kerissa
    January 3, 2016 at 11:34 am

    Wow! Confirmation for me and this isn’t a new year, new goal post. This is about living life on purpose. I want to be known for mentoring kids who are in the middle. The ones that aren’t horrible nor are they the excellent ones but with a bit of extra support they will step into greatness. I also want to mentor single mommas. So yeah 2016 is the year I strategically plan to leave teaching in a classroom and teach from workshops and speaking engagements!