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My 3 Favorite Instagram Quotes of the Week

As I scrolled on Fb, I saw a post and immediately hit “Like” and “Shared” it on my Instagram for morning motivation.

#positive #positivevibes #positivity

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It resonated with me, because I really try to be positive most of the time. People who constantly see the bad in any experience or think the worst right away irk the hell out of me!

One thing I’ve learned after working for years with negative people is, they do not know that they are negative. Actually, they will swear up and down they are not. Yet, everything they say has a negative viewpoint or outcome.

Be weary of sharing your dreams with negative people because they will make you think that it can’t happen or be secretly jealous.   

I enjoyed reading this because many times people give up right before their breakthrough because its so hard. Somethings can feel like they will break us down, but if you don’t give up – you will recieve a break through!

Many times we want the outcome of the journey, but it’s the journey that produces awesome outcomes! Stay strong and keep pressing because better is on the other side.

Could this be true? Lol! #MondayFunny

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I posted this because it made me giggle. Although its not 100% true, it could be! I know I miss my bed when I’m driving my kids to school.



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  • Joyce Brewer (@MommyTalkShow)
    November 18, 2015 at 10:01 am

    Love these quotes, especially about negative people.
    I had a few negative friendships end last year. I haven’t spoke to my former BFF in almost six years.
    Although I miss the closeness, I don’t miss the negativity.
    Maybe I was in a negative space then too and we were drawn to each other. But never again.