Do You Live Up to the Meaning of Your Name?

Have you ever researched your name? When you did, do you believe it correctly defined who you are as a person?

I researched my name when I was younger, but never really thought about it until I was pregnant. I never in a million years would have named my son, Earl, but with his father being a III – I had to continue the legacy. Hmph!

I decided to research his name:

Earl: The name Earl is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Earl is: Chief & Nobleman. Based on the English title of Earl

SoulUrge Number: 6

People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.

Expression Number: 9

People with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.

I was happy with the meaning and started to go back in my life and remember all of the Earl’s I’ve actually met. With the exception of DMX (and yes I did meet him before), all of these men exemplified this definition in some way.

Is my name ethnic?

Recently, I was asked to do an interview about my name because of the Raven Symone ghetto name drama that happened a couple of months ago. I was asked how did a name like, Bernetta, affect me growing up and if I was discriminated against for having such an ethnic name.

Honestly, I’ve never thought of my name as ethnic in which I responded – I know what my name means and it’s origin. Therefore ghetto, urban, hood or ethnic never came to mind about my name as I was growing up or even now. My name was just my name.


The name Bernetta is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Bernetta is: Feminine of Bernard, meaning strong as a bear, or bear hard.

SoulUrge Number: 11

People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

Expression Number 4:

People with this name tend to be orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of order and service. They value truth, justice and discipline, and may be quick tempered with those who do not. Their practical nature makes them good at managing and saving money, and at building things in the material world. Because of their focus on order and practicality, they may seem overly cautious and conservative at times. 

If you know me, do you believe this is true? 

So of course after I looked up my name, I started looking up everyone I know. Well, not everyone.

I did look up one of my best friend’s name who starts with an A. Their name has a muslim background, so I wonder if that’s why I couldn’t get a clear definition on this site. Although I was told their name means authentic and original, we had a good laugh about that!

Why does it matter?

It mattered to me because growing up as a Christian, you learn that people named their children based on what they were going through at the time or what they wanted their future to look like. In the bible, everyone’s name had a meaning and their life seemed to mirror their name.

That’s why when their lives changed for the better, many people in the bible changed their names.

When it was time for me to become a mother, I wanted a name that represented something great for my child. Because I believe every time I say their name, I am speaking that into existence. So, I am not about to combine some letters and sounds just to be creative. It has to have meaning.

Check out the meaning of your name HERE

What about you? What does your name mean? Did you research names before choosing one for your child? Did it matter?

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