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The Night Rice Became the Main Dish

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This is a sponsored post by Minute® Rice. #MinuteMeals but my experience is 100% my own.


Ohhhh the memories, white rice and butter or rice with sugar (and butter).

When I was growing up and my mother cooked rice for us, it was white rice with butter or sugar. That’s it. No variety in taste unless you added gravy.

When I got married and became a mother I quickly learned I had to step my cooking game up. The first thing I had to do was actually learn how to cook rice.

Believe it or not, it’s a skill. I’ve been married 12 years and my husband still comes behind me and checks on my rice! The nerve!!

Well, honestly I still burn it… sometimes. The last time I cooked rice my children commented, “Mom, you’re getting better!”

The Rice Gods

Last week, I was a very lucky gal and my rice prayers had been answered! I was invited to a Minute® Rice #MinuteMeals blogger house party, to learn about the variety that Minute® Rice offered along with quick meals you could create by our host Stacie!


The first thing I noticed, was the lovely rice set up.

Minute Meals

The selection was wonderful:

  • Jasmine | Authentic Thai Jasmine Rice which will enhance any Asian-style recipe with its natural delicate butter flavor and aromatic scent.
  • Basmati | It will enhance any Asian, Middle Eastern, and traditional style recipe with its natural aromatic fragrance and nutty flavor.
  • Brown & Wild Rice | It is a blend of whole grain brown and wild rice … especially good for special dinners or holiday meals.
  • Multi-Grain Medley |  It is a blend of six popular 100% whole grains including brown rice, quinoa, barley, oats, wheat and rye.


There were so many great bloggers there to try these great meals. We were all in shock at the creative meals Stacie and her husband created. We were there with empty stomachs, ready to eat and take notes!

He cooked a number of meals for us, but one that stood out was considered a breakfast meal. It was a Skillet Rice with Eggs, Ham, Mushrooms, Cheese and Herbs. He used the medley rice which made it the taste rich. The eggs were an added benefit because I usually like my eggs in an omelet and not fried on top of anything.


I was open to trying to new things and was pleasantly surprised by the taste. We also tried a greek salad with a fried rice cake made with brown Minute® Rice!


I enjoyed that because it gave you a crunchy alternative to bread or croutons for your salad.

#TeamSteak with Minute® Rice Meals

I’m very competitive and so when they told us to get ready to compete, I was already planning the execution. We participated in a skillet stir fry and I was put on #TeamSteak. We were able to select our favorite ingredients from the display and allow the children to judge the results over #TeamChicken.

We added almost everything: peppers, onions, zucchini, chives (except for mushrooms, because my team members didn’t like them!) but we actually won the cook off! The stir-fry made with Minute® Rice was so delicious and the Minute® Rice was perfectly cooked! Minute Meals

Now It’s My Turn

I returned home armed with Minute® Rice and some new dishes to try. The directions are so easy to follow, who could mess up rice in 10 minutes. What I like about the Multi-Grain Medley Minute® Rice was that it came in 4 pouches, so it was the perfect measured amount for my family. That took an extra step out for me.

Minute Pouch

My husband had recently fried fresh fish, so I just paired the Minute® Rice with it and tomatoes! My daughter asked me while I was cooking,

“Mommy, did you add more salt like Daddy told you!”

She was the main one giving the 10 minute rice two thumbs up!

Fried Rice

If you are like me, you enjoy feeding your family but not the actual cook time. I have all these great meal ideas in my head that I would just love to eat. Then I think about the preparation and my dream gets deferred.

R card

With Minute® Rice Meals, I can now make what was the longest cooking item on the menu, the shortest. The variety of rices also allows me to be creative in my side dishes.

minute rice variety

I finally think my husband can stop checking on my rice!! I mean, who can really mess up 10 minute rice. If you want to see all the great recipes you can make, join the recipe club at for over 400 ideas. Please check out their newsletter for great cooking ideas sent directly to your inbox!

It’s great to have a selection of side dishes to choose from. I am thinking about having my mom over to dinner to get her thoughts on the brown rice, without sugar & butter!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Minute® Rice.



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    Michele Malone
    September 30, 2015 at 11:00 am

    I, like you can never get my rice just right. I love rice. Now I have new, easy flavors to look forward to trying

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